Sunday 14 January 2018

Not A Lot Goin' On - Competition Special

Another year has passed. 2017 has fizzled out like so many sparklers in the fancy, schmancy cocktail of time and space. This is the beginning of a new year that is bright, shiny and still in a factory sealed wrapper. This is a point where we can take a moment to look back at what we have learnt from the previous twelve months. We can also look forward to the future and sideways to present. We can choose to turn things upside down or right side up as we stand in the middle of a Dodecahedron of choices in the geometrical equation of life. 

I have learnt a lot this past year by running Corner Gas Fan Corner. I have discovered that my laptop has a clever battery saving feature that allows your machine to turn off when you are mere moments from finishing a post without having hit save. I have discovered that goldfish are camera shy. I have learnt that it is necessary to explain to people in conversation that it is the name of a Photoshop equivalent before telling them you were looking at Gimp stuff on the internet last night.

One of the years best teachings' was that there are Corner Gas fans in every nook and cranny of the world, in places that far outstretch the reach of those countries that have been lucky enough to have it shown on their local television networks. Looking at my sites reading statistics, people have logged in from countries that I never knew existed. Some with names that contain more vowels than it is possible to pronounce. Transnistria is one such place which, although pronounceable, makes me want to write a joke about a population that is mostly gender nonspecific, but I won't because I will probably get in trouble with someone.

The stats show the fan base is growing, and I would like to think Corner Gas Fan Corner helps that a little bit. The sites ability to connect with "newbs" only comes with support from patrons that were already invited to the Dog River party that I gatecrashed. I think they let me stay because I bought a wide range of dips for the buffet. So many of these people are really rather awesome and lovely. I realise I am hitting the button marked "Extra Sweetener" on the blogging vending machine here, but those that I have had contact with have been very generous in spirit and action. So many people have been good enough to spread the word about the site, write an e-mail to me or even contribute to a post. It is through these actions that we all help bring the world of Corner Gas to an even higher percentage of this little blue planet of ours.

So, with a new year comes new years resolutions. We can all sit here and tell others we are going to loose weight, give up smoking or give more money to "Save the Sea Monkeys" only to fall at the first hurdle when on 2nd January we eat our weight in chain smoking Sea Monkeys. I would like to ask you all to join me in a resolution that I think we can all stick to and have some fun with. It involves helping another so in the long run we will all also be recipients of a major bonus from the accountants in the good karma distribution department. My resolution is to help someone I think we all owe a little gratitude to.

Here is the latest Buttpod vlog entry from Brent Butt

As you can see Brent is hoping to get his You Tube subscribers up to 15,000 people. I think we can all help make that happen, and we can have great fun doing it. So I am hereby challenging you all with a competition of sorts. All you guys need to do is what I have seen you do already so many times. Spread the word. Tell people to go and subscribe to The Buttpod You Tube Channel. Do it anyway you can possibly think of, be inventive, be clever, be sneaky! However, please don't do anything outrageous or beyond the realms of taste or legality!

At the time of writing, the channel subscription number sits at 1.7k. Please send me pictures of your efforts to help boost that number and I will put them up in a future post. Anyone who sends me a picture, or any form of communication, that gives genuine validation of the number that your chosen activity has made the subscription number go up by I will send a natty certificate to with that number emblazoned on it. I may up the ante on that later in the year, stay tuned! The easiest way to start would be to subscribe yourself if you haven't already. There is a link to the page - here - go click on the subscribe button there and you already have one qualifying entry! See - easy peasy!

Here are a few more ideas of how you might persuade others to check out The Buttpod channel.

Put a sticker on your car
Put a sticker on your Space Shuttle
Use subtle local advertising
Butt Signal

So there you are, get to it people. Send your entries to I look forward to seeing how well you do.

It's an exciting year ahead, with Corner Gas Animated only months away now, I look forward to you joining me here for all the latest Dog River shenanigans I can muster up. Now I have to go now before my laptop battery runs o

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