Monday 23 December 2019

It's a Wanda Full Life - A Dog River Christmas Story

This year's Christmas parody is based on  "It's A Wonderful Life" starring James Stewart and Donna Reed and directed by Frank Capra. So if you haven't seen it already you better go watch it quick otherwise you will be a bit lost!

George Bailey has been replaced by Wanda Dollard
Mary Hatch has been replaced by Hank Yarbo
Clarence the Angel has been replaced by Davis Quinton
Mr. Gower is replaced by Lacey Burrows

Most of the other characters (and plot) have been cut out due to length issues (aka me being lazy)

Friday 20 December 2019

With a Little Help From Friends Christmas Special - Vela Update 2020

You know I like to crack wise at the beginning of all my posts right? I'll throw in a few goofy gags to make you either a) spit your hot beverage through your nasal cavities or b) roll your eyeballs - possibly, if I have done my job properly, roll them both in opposite directions to each other. However, when I write these little posts pointing you in the direction of charities and good causes that are in some way linked to Corner Gas, I feel a bit bad doing it.

Monday 16 December 2019

The Jackass-Cast - Christmas Special

This is it folks. There have been some mammoth battles fought by mighty armies through out history. However, only now has there been such a hard fought contest to find out who is the biggest Corner Gas Fan in the world!

Friday 6 December 2019

Santa's Little Helper - Christmas Gift Ideas For The Corner Gas Super Fan

Every year it get's harder and harder to think of a unique Christmas gift for all your loved ones. Because of this the Christmas season can become extremely stressful when suddenly inspiration leaves you and even with Amazon Prime there is no way anything you order is going to arrive in time to save you from a dirty look by the missus over the Turkey and/or the Vegitarian/Vegan alternative of such (Corner Gas Fan Corner: Covering All Bases). 

Sunday 1 December 2019

The 100% Officially Unofficial Corner Gas Advent Calendar 2019


Do you see what I did there? I cleverly mashed up this month's theme of Christmas with a well known and popular element of a Corner Gas episode! I know! Genius, right! It's only taken me three years of my traditional month of Christmas posts to think of it...but genius non the less!!

Yes folks, it is that time of year again. Trimming the tree, Turkey with all the trimmings and trimming Grans old lady beard so she doesn't get hairs in the sprouts.