Sunday 15 July 2018

Corner Gas: Fan Made

Since I started Corner Gas Fan Corner I have encouraged audience participation. I get lot of nice e-mails and communication with many of you out there. However, entries of fan made Corner Gas items have been few and far between. So I thought I would give you a couple of examples of things that have been sent to me and a chunk of something I am working on to see if I can get your creative juices flowing.

Sunday 1 July 2018

By Popular Demand - Picture Perfect (Season 3 Episode 9)

Hello everyone and welcome to your favourite game show Name That Gnome! We have three teams of wonderful contestants here competing to get to our final round where they could win not only their body weight in Sprudmuckers Home Style Chunky Cottage Cheese but they could also take home this weeks jackpot from Gary the Gnomes Lucky Pot O'Gold. Don't forget, no one claimed the star prize last week when our round winner, 87 year old Doris Prunes, couldn't make it through our qualifying obstacle course. If only she hadn't have worn red in the bull run. So it's a rollover week folks! Let's follow the magic rainbow totaliser and see what this weeks jackpot is.....

.....That's right! 77 whole cents could be going home tonight with one of our contestants, and don't forget, that's tax free! Before we meet our players let's have a word from our sponsor.