Sunday 24 February 2019

By Popular Demand - Your 100 Greatest Corner Gas Moments - Pt 1

Good evening. Ladies, Gentlemen, distinguished members of the Academy. We have gathered here at the Ilfracombe Municiple Villiage Hall and Lido to celebrate six seasons of classic Corner Gas moments. I must mention that I have been asked to make sure that our ceremony is finished by seven o'clock so the over 70's Freestyle Pole Dancing Team can get in the hall to start practice on time. I hear they have a real chance of winning the cup this year if Edith recovers from that terrible accident when her support tights got caught in that revolving door.

First a quick word from our sponsors.

Friday 8 February 2019

Not A Lot Goin' On - Breaking News Special Report

I think I may have psychic powers. If any secret governmental bodies would like to sign me up to an elite group of superheroes made of disparate, rag tag, mismatched supers who write blogs about popular regional comedy television series, please get in touch via the addresses on my contact page. We could be called The Nichemen!  I must get a costume sorted, which is the hardest part of being a superhero. Finding that much Spandex at a wholesale price isn't easy you know. Then you have the tricky decisions, like undies on the inside or undies on the outside. It's a sartorial nightmare I tell you!