Sunday 13 October 2019

The Jackass-Cast - Episode 8 - A Lovely Chat with Fred Ewanuick

Here is another astounding episode of The Jackass-Cast for you folks!! This time I talk to the always funny, always charming Fred Ewanuick aka Hank Yarbo.

We have a right giggle discussing everything from Cats, to Dan for Mayor, Corner Gas Animated Season 3 to Hockey!

Speaking of Hockey, we also have a special guest appearance from the one and only Kirk Lemur!

As always the show is available on Spotify and whole bunch of other platforms or you can click on the picture below for a direct downloadable link!


Thursday 3 October 2019

Not A Lot Goin' On - Corner Gas Breaking News Special !

I know when the Corner Gas world has suddenly been hit with excitement when my phone suddenly starts shaking violently and bounces it's way across the table with the sudden urgency of a bunny rabbit who has found the last carrot in the field.

Well today was no exception!  I was chasing my iPhone around the room as Instagram, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and the likes lit up with very fantastic news from Camp Corner Gas.

I will hand you over to my Canadian correspondent for all of the details. Brent - over to you -

Finally!! Corner Gas Animated available in the states!! In fact the whole CGU (Corner Gas Universe - I'm coining that here folks, Marvel be damned!) The original series, Movie and Animated all on one handy service.

I know what you are thinking "What in the blue blazes does blue blazes mean? And what in Tarnation is IMDb TV? Whilst we are at it where is Tarnation and why is everything confusing put in it?"

Fear not young reader, here is all the details you need to know on the service that we can all pretend I wrote and didn't cut and paste in any way shape or form!

Amazon owned free streaming service IMDb Freedive is getting a new name, more content and, soon, is expanding to Europe, the company announced this morning. Originally launched in January, the service will now be known as IMDb TV — a name that’s a bit more catchy, but doesn’t convey the fact that the service includes both movies and TV shows.
It’s also not an alternative to live TV streaming services like Sling TV, YouTube TV or Hulu with Live TV, for example, despite what the name may imply.
Instead, IMDb is most similar to something like Vudu’s Movies on Us or Roku’s free streaming hub, The Roku Channel, as it offers a selection of ad-supported free streaming content, too.
IMDb hasn’t confirmed how many titles are in its collection, but says the content selection has now been tripled thanks to new deals with Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Entertainment and MGM Studios. This brings movies like Captain Fantastic and La La Land (July 1) to the service — the latter, marking the first time the Academy Award-winner has been made available to an ad-supported streaming service.
In addition, IMDb is getting TV shows like Fringe, Kitchen Nightmares, Duck Dynasty and The Bachelor, plus movies like Drive, Donnie Darko, Monster, Dances with Wolves and, starting July 1, Sense and Sensibility, Draft Day and A Knight’s Tale.
The newly rebranded service will also arrive in Europe later this year, but no exact launch date is being offered at this time.
“With IMDb TV, viewers have discovered TV the way it ought to be – a free collection of premium TV shows and movies available anytime,” said Mark Eamer, vice president of IMDb TV, in a statement. “We deliver a top quality discovery experience that makes it easy to be entertained. With more titles than ever before coming to IMDb TV and our upcoming European expansion later this year, we’re excited for customers to tune in and enjoy all that IMDb TV has to offer, all at no cost,” he said.
Though IMDb operates independently from parent company Amazon, the service benefits from tight integration with Amazon’s line of Fire TV media player devices, which have more than 34 million active users. In turn, Amazon Fire TV now has its own built-in free streaming content to rival The Roku Channel, which ships on Roku’s media players and Roku OS-powered TVs.
Both Amazon and Roku are battling for users and to become the top media player in terms of market share. Amazon announced its 34 million actives for Fire TV in May, which topped Roku’s 29.1 million active “accounts” reported in Q1. Roku tried to explain that this didn’t mean Amazon led, because a Roku account could support several household members — but that’s true for Amazon Fire TV “users,” too.
“Our Fire TV customers are always looking for compelling content at a great value. In fact, usage of free, ad-supported apps has increased by over 300 percent in the last year,” said Marc Whitten, vice president of Fire TV, in a statement. “IMDb TV brings some of the best free content into the living room and we’re excited that our U.S. customers now have access to even more free TV shows and movies through the app and that customers in Europe can soon enjoy this great service on the biggest screen in their home,” he added.
IMDb TV is today available in the U.S. as a free channel within the Amazon Prime Video app and on Fire TV in the “Your Apps &  Channels” row. The service can also be launched through an Alexa Voice Remote or a paired Echo device by saying, “Alexa, go to IMDb TV.”
So there you have it, everything you need to know. Obviously with Corner Gas already streaming on Amazon Prime around the world most of us could have guessed that this would have happened to Corner Gas Animated. The fact that they have chosen to put the show straight onto a new service shows the power of the show and the fact that the powers that be at Amazon feel that is a brand that can help them bring an audience to their new concern. 
I can also feel my inbox filling up with emails with "Well that's ok for the U.S. but what about *insert your country here*. Well we can take from the above that IMDb TV will be reaching Europe very soon (it's not available at time of writing - I just checked) which could well mean that Corner Gas Animated will come along with it. I don't know this to be fact but if I can get it confirmed I will share the details with you all straight away, cos' I am nice like that. 
Now, again don't hold me to this, remember off the back of this information don't be to surprised if Brent doesn't announce a U.S. stand up tour very soon. He has mentioned in various Q&A's that when CGA hits other parts of the world he may well tour to support it! 
Anyways, my phone didn't stop buzzing once this big chunk o' info hit the Interweb. Without giving us time to draw breath from the first bombshell. BANG!!

Then this landed on Verite Films Facebook page -

CTV Comedy Network has renewed Corner Gas Animated for a third season. There will be 11 episodes going to air in 2020 featuring the beloved ensemble cast starring Brent Butt, Gabrielle Miller, Eric Peterson, Fred Ewanuick, Lorne Cardinal, Tara Spencer-Nairn, Nancy Robertson, and Corrine Koslo. #cornergas #ctvcomedychannel 

Now, eagle eared regular listeners to my Jackass-Cast podcast may have guessed this announcement was coming. There have been clues dropped by my guests here and there (one in fact I had to mask the info with a bit of subtle slo-mo playback just in case what was said was secret...also I thought it was pretty funny). I do have some other info but I will save that for another day #spoilers. 

So there we have it folks what a day to be a Corner Gas fan. Come back for more info which will be posted as soon as I have it. Don't forget to leave comments below, let us all know how excited you are for these amazing announcements.

Also for more day to day fun and info go to Facebook and join my page @cornergasfan

Anyway, must dash, I need to catch my phone which is currently bouncing it's way down the high street!