Friday 1 December 2017

Twas The Night Before Christmas in Dog River

People often say that they don't like to blow their own horn. If this is the case why own a horn? Why have a perfectly good horn go to waste. I suppose what they mean is they usually have someone blow their horns for them (steady you ...naughty!). Kings and Queens have those fellas that have the dirty big trumpets they toot on when they enter the room. I have never seen royalty blow their own horn in that respect. What if all the trumpeters were ill with gastroenteritis and the Queen needed to herald her entrance to a room? She would have to do it herself wouldn't she? She would have to run in, pick up the big trumpet, give it a parp, run back to the door and come in the room again. She would be all out of puff doing that all day and ones royal tootsies would be barking!