Friday 12 May 2017

Not a lot Going On - Corner Gas News May 2017

We here at Corner Gas Corner would like to let you know that we are here tirelessly searching the internet superhighway for all the latest news relating to your favourite t.v. show, to save you the bother. We ...I say we, it's just me to be honest, it's a royal we. What does the Queen write in this situation when she is writing her blog posts? "We we" probably. I wonder what she blogs about, probably Justin Beiber and knitting patterns. Sorry I digress, which is easily done as despite our, my, vigorous battering of my broadband allowance there is very little new info for a t.v. show long since off our screens.

Ah! Surely there is some updates on the new animated show? I hear you cry. Well actually, I don't hear you at all, and hopefully you are not crying - you will make your dinner all soggy. If you are in fact eating your dinner, you may be de-lousing the dog or reading the Queens latest blog about recovering dropped stitches. Excuse my assumptions. Well, there is very little news regarding the latest project but I have found this little video of an interview with Brent Butt regarding the genesis of the project and he does offer a few little nuggets of info about what we might expect in the new episodes. 

Lorne Cardinal, aka Dog River's very own law enforcement Quinton Davis, has a fair amount of news to share recently. Mr. Cardinal can be seen starring in The Last Wife at The Martha Cohen Theatre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada from September 12th - 30th. Lorne will be playing Henry VIII in the play written by Kate Henning which takes a modern look at the relationship between Henry and his final Mrs. the eighth Cathrine Parr. So I would recommend anyone in the area pop in the venue and grab a ticket quick before they sell out for what I am sure will be a magnificent performance in a riveting play.

Lorne also reported via social media that the short film he stars in God's Acre has won an award for Best Short Dramatic Film at AMPIA Rosie awards. The film, which was mostly shot in Alberta, can be seen at various film festivals at the moment. The plot revolves around Frank, living on his families ancestrial land which is being threatened by rising water levels due to climate change. Frank has to wrestle with descision to evacuate his family land or adapt to the changing environment. I will post any screenings I can find here on future posts, in the mean time why not head over to the official web site to see all the details but here is the trailer to whet your appetite.

Iffy water problems seem to be a popular side topic for Corner Gas cast as Eric Peterson has been busy treading the boards in Vancouver recently in popular play The Watershed. Written by journalist  Annabel Soutar, it tells a story based on her own experiences whilst investigating the decision of the government to pull the plug on an experimental lakes project in 2013. The documentary like play contains dialogue which was culled from actual interviews carried out by Soutar and is both a road trip based comedy as much as it is a commentary on environmental issues. The Watershed has garnered excellent reviews, particularly for Eric Petersons' performance in multiple roles. The Cast also included Molly Kidder who happens to be Eric's real daughter. The play has toured a number of cites in Canada, a tour which I believe has now come to an end - as I can't find any up coming dates on the net, if you know different contact me and I will post any dates here in a later entry.

Exciting news for anyone feeling charitable and in need of some fantastic Corner Gas memorabilia. Head on over to Ebay on May 16th when the District of  North Vancouver Firefighters Charitable Society will be auctioning this rather awesome guitar signed by the cast of Corner Gas and a bunch of other famous folk including the ever amazing Craig Northey, composer of "Not A lot Goin' On" and "Happy Place" as well as other classic tunage. For more information head over to and support a fantastic charity

Finally people of Britain, our voices have been heard! Our screams for more blighty based Corner Gas content have been heard. Either that or it is a likely a massive coincidence, or if you are a Looney tunes character, a cohinkydink. Craig Northey, who you will remember from the previous paragraph, is joining Steven "Ex - Barenaked Ladies" Page on tour around our Septed isle in October. Here are the dates, if you are at the Portsmouth gig I will let you buy me a're welcome!

Wednesday   October 25th      Luton               Bear Club
Thursday      October 26th      Portsmouth      The Wedgewood Rooms
Friday           October 27th      London            Bush Hall
Monday        October 30th      Birmingham    Hare and Hounds
Tuesday        October 31st      Manchester      The Deaf Institute
Wednesday   November 1st    Glasgow           King Tut's Wah Wah Hut

Kiddie Corner Gas fans will also be pleased to know that Netflix has just added The Adventure Club to it's ever growing collection here in England, and no doubt it is available on the platform in other countries around the world. The movie stars Corner Gas stalwarts Gabrielle Miller, Lorne Cardinal and is co-written by the always awesome Fred Ewanuick. The story has three kids find an ancient artifact capable of granting wishes and decide to use it to save a local science centre. However, there are baddies about who will stop at nothing to use the artifact for less altruistic purposes. Check out the movie on Netflix now, my full review will be coming soon. Until then, here's another trailer to enjoy

So that's all I have for you this time. As you can see, as usual, there's not a lot going on.....but when you look closer! That's good, someone should use that in a song