Sunday 25 August 2019

The Jackass-Cast - Episode 6 - A Lovely Chat with Lorne Cardinal

This Podcasting mularky seems to be taking over this site! I will write an actual article one of these days. However, when you have such amazing guests to talk to such as LORNE CARDINAL!!! Well, why wouldn't I bring you a little chat for your lugs to eat up for their aural dinner!

So, as normal, the recording is available everywhere except sucky iTunes (they don't really suck, I just haven't had time to sort out a few technical troubles to get the show up with them). If you can't wait to surf over to Spotify and the likes, click on the image below and a downloadable link will appear as if by magic!

This is a first part of a two part epic! Enjoy!

Sunday 11 August 2019

The Jackass-Cast - Episode 5 - A Lovely Chat with Liam McKinnon

We are off six degrees from Dog River again! This episode I talk to an actual fellow Brit! Liam McKinnon of and The Steven Page Trio. We talk music, getting barenaked, fandom, beer, Odds, Craig Northey and Eggs

Click on the picture below for a downloadable file. The episode is also available on all podcasting platforms except iTunes because they are a bunch of awkward so and so's over there and can just about go and take a long walk into some sort of internet based river off a short micro-processed pier!