Wednesday 23 December 2020

The Corner Gas Fan Corner Christmas Fun-a-palooza 2020!!!

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Corner Gas is fun! Christmas is fun! Things don't get much funnerer right? 

Wrong! A simple equation can show us how fun may be amplified with just a few math type things like professors at school used to tell me about, you know, adding, taking away and that other one with the line and the two dots. 

Corner Gas x Christmas + Santa - Oscar / Baubles + Tinsel = FUN-A-PALOOZA!!!!

Tuesday 15 December 2020

With a Little Help From Friends - Vela

We've all had a bit of a rough time of it. However, it is times like this where we grow and learn to appreciate life and our fellow human beings. It's a great time to offer a helping hand where and when we can to make someone's life a little easier. 

That's where this series of posts comes in. I like to highlight charities, with a little connection to Corner Gas, that I hope we as a community can get together and give a little of our love, time and maybe a few spare dollars, dimes or pennies. 

Last year I bought to your attention Vela Canada. 


Wednesday 2 December 2020

The Offically Unofficial Corner Gas Interactive Advent Calendar 2020!

Well it's been a hell of a year hasn't it. What we all deserve is a bit of fun and familiarity. What we need is this years Officially Unofficial Corner Gas Interactive Advent Calendar. 

This year we have a theme. That theme is MEME! 

I have created 23 unique meme, picture type dealies, like the kids all use on the Tick Tack or the Instaface, for your yuletide entertainment pleasure. Come back everyday to find a new surprise!