Wednesday 23 December 2020

The Corner Gas Fan Corner Christmas Fun-a-palooza 2020!!!

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Corner Gas is fun! Christmas is fun! Things don't get much funnerer right? 

Wrong! A simple equation can show us how fun may be amplified with just a few math type things like professors at school used to tell me about, you know, adding, taking away and that other one with the line and the two dots. 

Corner Gas x Christmas + Santa - Oscar / Baubles + Tinsel = FUN-A-PALOOZA!!!!

That's right it's Fun-a-palooza time again! Here we have a bunch of Crimbo Corner Gas puzzles and activities to keep you and Granny out of trouble in the last few minutes of Christmas Eve before Santa arrives to deliver your order of presents this year. I mean, you don't want to blow it with some last minute naughtiness do you? You know how Granny gets after a few Gins so you'll need to keep those naughty hands of hers busy so she doesn't ruin your chances of getting that Limited Edition Jimmy Kimmel Loofa and Pedi Egg set from the big man. 

So why not start off will a bit of yuletide colouring in with your bestest crayons! Check out the picture below and fill it in with all the colours of the rainbow. You might want to print it out first - don't mess up your screen or anything. 

Oh, you may notice a little bit of colour left around some of the areas of the picture. That sort of a guide so you know which crayons to use and has nothing at all to do with the area fill widget on my image manipulation programme not being able to detect the outlines properly.


There. That was fun wasn't it. Well let's not stop there, let's get proper festive with a Crimbly Maze puzzle. 

Brent has tickets to see Craig Northey on his latest tour but some crazy old coot in a green baseball cap has planted a dirty big Christmas Maze in the way!! You know, like you do. 

Help Brent find his way to the cool yule gig!


Wait! Don't put that pen away. Top up the Egg Nog and get your thinking Santa hat on you have some words to find. Some are Christmassy some are Dog Rivery. Find them all before it's time for Granny to put out the mince pie, glass of milk and then drink the milk because she needs the glass to put her teeth in overnight. 


You're exhausted right? This amount of fun will do that to a person don't you know. Well find a gallon of Haywire and get it down ya! I've saved the best until last!

Click the picture below for an online version of a traditional classic.


So there we have it, more fun than you can shake a stick at, but don't shake a stick it it because you could have an eye out. 

So all that is left for me to say is I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and that 2021 treats us all a bit better than the last 12 months have. 

OK Boys! HIT IT!

Lots of Love 

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  1. Cool. Lots of fun. Merry Christmas Ian.