Sunday 19 January 2020

Not A Lot Goin' On - Corner Gas News - January 2020

What is the statute of limitations on saying happy new year to people? Here we are half way through January and I haven't wished you guys merry new ones. How rude! Is it too late to squeeze one in now?

Maybe there is no limit. I like the idea of sneaking up behind someone in a store whipping a Happy New Year on them whilst they are buying their Easter Eggs. It may be April but it's a new April, which falls in the time frame of a year. Should still count.

"Hey that's a cool witches outfit you got there this Halloween"
"Happy New Year!"
"I think Ian needs his medication again...."

Anyways, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that you all have a fantastic, Corner Gas filled, new decade. 

We are obviously all as keen as mustard for Season 3 of Corner Gas Animated. Keen as mustard - taken from the top of the condiment scale of excitement. It stands proud above "determined as mayonnaise" and "delirious as ketchup". No news on an air date just yet. History would tell us that the date doesn't get announced until broadcast is nearly upon us. I do know that the writers room is still ablaze with Corner Gas action, bashing out stories and zingers galore. So, as there is a little dearth of info at the moment let's rock up to the news elsewhere on planet CG. There's a few exciting bits to get the year rockin' and rollin'!


Odds continue to be one of the busiest bands in the planet, all be it mostly as individuals in other bands. Don't jump to conclusions - Odds are still doing their thang. However, in between working on a new album the guys have been off working on other projects as well. How they fit it all in I will never know! Craig Northey is still busy working with Steven Page playing gigs around Canada and the U.S. However, Craig gets plenty of column inches here at Fan Corner so let's give Murray Atkinson a fair crack of the whip.

Murray, Odds guitarist, organist and singerist has been working very hard on a solo project which he has been drip feeding onto the net for the last few months. The tracks released are nothing short of stellar, especially if you are a frustrated guitarist such as myself. Showing his versatility the songs are quite a departure from the Odds sound that we know Murray for.

Dipping into the hard rock spectrum, instrumental tracks such as Super Rev bring to mind the works of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani ...only better! Expertly crafted and orchestrated I recommend you listen to the tracks available at all good music streaming services and some of the bad ones. You can also check out Murray's works and latest news at his website


Staying with music, a quick shout out to David Storey, director and musician extraordinaire. He continues to play his original tunes at gigs around Canada. He is lined up to play at Winterfolk 18 Festival in Toronto, 21st - 23rd February 2020. It promises to be a fantastic festival featuring not only music from David but also Abigail Lapell, Brian Blain and Danny Marks among many others. For more information check out the Winterfolk website here. You can also find out more info about David and all his gigs at his own website here.

If you haven't heard his albums I recommend you buy or stream them asap. Read my reviews here and here if you require further persuasion.


One of our favourite law enforcement officers has joined the FBI!

Lorne Cardinal can currently be seen as Nelson Skye in the new CBS series FBI: Most Wanted. This is the latest work from Dick Wolf creator of FBI and Law and Order. The show is doing amazingly well. It's premiere episode drew an audience of 7.2 million making it the most watched show in the U.S. current season!

The show also stars Julian McMannon, known for his work on favourite Nip/Tuck and as Doctor Doom in The Fantastic Four movies (the ones that had Captain America in them playing The Human Torch). It follows the trials and tribulations of a division of the FBI tasked with chasing down criminals of the FBI most wanted list. The title gives that away really doesn't it.

At time of writing the third episode is about to air so check out your local listings for air times. You can also watch episodes in the U.S. and find more details about the show at the official website here. I will report when I find where and when the show is shown around the world. I am thrilled with the success of the show and congratulate Lorne and the whole FBI Most Wanted team for knocking it out of the park.


If you follow me on social media you will know I recently announced that I had decided to split Jackass-Cast episodes into seasons. The main reason being it is hard for me to bring the episodes out regularly because booking guests isn't easy. Where Corner Gas is concerned I am very lucky that the cast and crew have been very supportive of my work here and have been more than happy to sit down and chat with me for an hour or so. However, at the moment I am trying to reach out to people who have a tiny connection to the show (a cameo for example) but don't know me from Adam - so why would they appear, right? Well that doesn't stop me from trying but it does stretch out the time between recording episodes whilst I wait for answers from my prospective guests. I also have a few irons in the fire at the moment for great Corner Gas cast guests and one episode already recorded with the wonderful Nancy Robertson. So, in a nutshell, Season 2 will be with you all asap.

Anyways, Brent, in a wonderfully timed bit of parallel thought, put out a video announcing he was doing the same thing with The Buttpod Podcast. Here is the video proving the great minds and lookie likeies think alike a lot. Try saying that fast after a few bevvies!

Still...I thought of it first 🤣🤣


You will remember a few moths ago I reported on a new movie in production starring one of my favourite human beings on the planet, Fred Ewanuick. Well 37-Teen is now available on all good streaming platforms and some bad ones (If you are wondering the answer is, no, I will never get tired of that joke).

Here comes a cut and pasted story outline -

Billionaire, software mogul, Adam Pi has everything in life with the exception of positive memories from High School. He begrudging goes to the 20th reunion and has such an amazing time he finds himself wondering "If I knew then what I know now" and offers the entire grad class one year's salary to come back and do one more month of the 12th grade. 

The movie is written by and stars Michael Coleman, star of many great series including Once Upon a Time and Dragonball Z (which was very exciting to my anime fan youngest son).

Most exciting, apart for the awesome John Hughes inspired posters, is that the movie is available to download in the UK!! I can actually watch one of these movies I write about! If you are on my little island then head to the link here at Amazon and have yourself a watch too. I will be bringing you my review next week!


Ok, I know that the fact that you are here reading this page means you are a big fan of Corner Gas. However, are you the biggest? We are talking King Kong having a shoulder carry from Godzilla who is standing on the top of Kanye West's Ego(tm) big! Well, even if you are, there are three others that are even bigger fans than you. We are talking unfeasably huge here. Think Kim Kardashians bottom that has had an incident with a hose attached to a helium tanker. We are talking maaahooosive!
You may or may not have listened to the Christmas Special edition of The Jackass-Cast podcast. I put these three top Corner Gas Fans against each other in a quiz to test which of them would come up the cream of the crop to be officially unofficially the Biggest Corner Gas Fan in the World!
Bill Concannon, Sharon Szczerba-Gilbert and Andrew Bartholomew are all names that are constant companions in our little community. They spread the Corner Gas gospel on the daily all over social media. Let's just spend a little time to get to know them a bit better in these completely fabricated biographies -

3rd Biggest Corner Gas Fan in the world is...

Bill "Will.i.Is" Concannon

Bill is a retired English teacher who could never quite give up his vocation. He now spends his day on line torturing British Bloggers pointing out their grammatical and spelling errors. You would think this would make him quite a task to put up with. You would be correct.
However, Bill has many redeeming qualities. He is well known for his charity work around Canada. "Canadian Awareness for Sick Hermits" is an organisation Bill started to bring money to poorly, loners who live in caves all over Canada. He has yet to find any of these Hermits and isn't aware if any actually exist but if you wish to make a cheque out to the charity send it to Bill and the money will rest in his account until he can pass it on to his accountant Vinny "The Nose" Conchiglini. Make the cheques out to the initials of the organisation (C.A.S.H.) and Bill will sort out the rest.

Honestly, the above is pretty much how Bill and I spend our spare time, teasing each other something rotten. He was one of the first people to friend me up due to my work here and is great fun to hang out with, all be it virtually.

Sharon Szczerba-Bernard

Sharon is well known as being a secret agent for many governmental bodies. She so amazing at it even she doesn't know that she is a spy. Sharon invented Broccoli but, little known fact, her original prototypes were blue and tasted nice. She is also working on new musical notes, if you ever hear a note in a song that sounds wrong, it isn't the singers fault, it is just Sharon's P Major having a test run. Sharon is the worlds only Otter Whisperer. Sharon was the first person to look at her reflection in a spoon and have it be upside down.

Sharon is a wonderful human being, with an equally wonderful family (you can hear them cheating in the background on the podcast - don't worry, I had already told the contestants extra points could be earned for flagrant cheating). Like Bill, she has been a constant net companion and a great help to me here at the site. Check out her posts here and here.


Andrew Bartholomew

Andrew is a man synonymous with mountain climbing in as much as everyone knows not to ask him to do it. When the first expedition to the peak of Everest was being put together the first thing they did was to cross Andrew off the list of people to ask to lead the team. All his mountain climbing associates agree Andrew's contribution to world exploration is a considerable one. Ranulph Fiennes once said "Andrew's sheer stubbornness to commit to an expedition is second to none. We know we can scrub his name off the list straight away and move straight on to the next person. We save no end of time doing this and it get's mountains climbed a hell of a lot quicker. We thank you Andrew. A true pioneer in not mountaineering circles". 

Andrew is a self confessed newb to the Corner Gas family but soon made himself very popular amongst the online family. He is an amazingly friendly chap and very funny (as is Bill but I don't tell him that). He is a talented artist and often knocks me sideways with some of his drawings. An imagination second to none. He may have only been watching the show for around a year but he has amassed such a knowledge that he emerged triumphant in my quiz to be officially named the Officially Unofficial Biggest Corner Gas Fan in the World 2019! Congratulations, Andrew, well deserved. 

I now count Bill, Sharon and Andrew as great friends and I look forward to having laughs with them for a long time. Might even get to meet them one day. However, I will not let this friendship get in the way of finding someone to usurp their positioning in Corner Gas Fandom! Do you think you can beat them in a match of Dog River wits? Well I will be holding the contest again as part of the 2020 Corner Gas Fan Corner Christmas Fun Fest. If you would like to compete contact me either below or at any of the addresses on my contact page and I will put you in the running. May the best person win ( I do accept bribes by the way)!

That's all for this month. So what are you waiting for, go watch Corner Gas you have revision to do if you want the glory of being the biggest fan this year!

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