Sunday 19 November 2017

Not A Lot Goin' On - Corner Gas News November 2017

Well November is here, the seasons have changed as fast as the colours of the leaves on the trees.We are giving in to the urge to finally turn the central heating on. The shops can finally start shifting the Christmas cards that they have had on the shelves since the middle of July. Children are starting to make their final demands list for the big jolly man and making sure they eat all their greens as a last ditch effort to try and wipe away all the memories of the incident with the vacuum and the goldfish tank and get on the good list.

We Corner Gas fan's have to wait a little bit longer for our big present. Corner Gas Animated is merely months away now. There has not been an announcement for the official air date but it is expected to hit Canadian airwaves in January.

Production continues at a pace. The first few episodes are now complete and work continues on the final few episodes of the first season. To celebrate the completion of the show Cast and Crew gathered in Toronto for a private screening of the first episode. The whole cast was there, with exception of Fred Ewanuick, and seemed to be having a lovely time together. Social media was a blaze with pictures from the likes of Tara Spencer-Nairn, Lorne Cardinal  and Brent Butt. Brent also shared a fantastic video on his Buttpod You Tube channel.

Oh, to be outside that room with my autograph book, would have saved me a fortune in international stamps.

Of course there were no spoilers or sneek peeks of the production, with exception of a dirty big blow up of the Corner Gas sign on the screen behind the cast. As we get closer to air I would expect more stills to be released of character design and such like. Maybe we will be lucky enough to get a full trailer for Christmas? Keep coming back here, we will round all the latest news up for you as soon as it breaks.

Lorne Cardinal is as busy as ever, he just recently finished his successful run on the boards in The Last Wife and this month has seen the trailer drop for new the new action/drama The Humanity Bureau. The movie stars Nicholas Cage and features Lorne as a border patrol officer, not named Davis I may add. The story tells of a distopian future in which global warming has taken it's toll on the American Mid-West. The economy has taken a nose dive and a governmental department called The Humanity Bureau takes people deemed as unproductive and sends them to a colony called New Eden. When a mother and her child are sent to New Eden and appeal their case the man sent to investigate set out to save them and along the way uncovers the truth about the bureau's secrets.

The movie is one of the first to be filmed in "Barco Escape" a fully immersive panoramic movie format that surrounds the viewer. Who hasn't wanted to be totally enveloped in Nic Cage and this months phenomenal hair piece? It has been picked up for distribution all around the world and is having a limited release in the U.S. on 14th November.

 Whistler Film Festival

I reported in our last news post about new movie "The Prodigal Dad" which features Fred Ewanuick in the cast. The film will be playing at The Whistler Film Festival on 30th November and 1st December. Those of you lucky enough to be in the area can treat yourself to an early Christmas present and buy tickets from the festivals official site. Another Wolfcop is also showing which stars Corner Gas alumnus Amy Matyiso in the follow up to the cult smash and pinball machine theme provider "Wolfcop." Follow the link in the fetival banner above to grab your tickets before they sell out.

Brent Butt has been extremely busy with the production of the animated show recently. He has managed to get two new episodes of The Buttpod out into the internet atmosphere. As usual, no spoilers here , go have a listen if you haven't already. Here are our regular potted bio's of the show's guests. Potted Bio, sounds like a brand of yogurt.

Episode 5 Ian Boothby

If you are into comic-books in any way shape or form, this is he episode for you. Ian Boothby is an award winning comic-book writer. He is best known for his work on The Simpsons and Futurama books, he has the honour of having written more Simpson's comic stories than any other writer. I will assume he has been given some sort of certificate and sew on patch for this honour. Ian is also well known for his work on television, and as a stand up comedian. Ian is credited with creating 11th Hour, the classic sketch show which is often compared favourably with SCTV and starred Nancy Robertson. Mr. Boothby also has a number of podcasts he is involved with including "Sneaky Dragon" and "Totally Tin Tin"

Here are a couple of great sketches from Ian's comedy troupe Titmouse. It was either these or describe the panels of a Simpsons comic for you.

Episode 6 - Phil Hanley

Phil Hanley is a popular stand up comedian, who works all over Canada but honed his craft in the clubs of Vancouver. Phil is known for the improvisational structure of his shows which take a lot of their content from interaction with the audience. He now works extensively in New York and has featured on many popular t.v. shows including "The Half Hour" which showcases stand up's on Comedy Central. Phil, much like many other Buttpod guests, has a limited amount of personal and professional information available on the web. I have therefore taken it upon myself to put together some Phil fact's that may help fill this void.
  • Phil is between 1' 3" and 9' 7" tall
  • Phil has hair, some of which is on his chin. He also keeps a small amount of it in amongst the teeth of his favourite comb
  • Phil often perambulates 
Here are a couple of fantastic clips of Mr. Hanley at work. 

Brent has announced some new stand up gigs for 2018. His usual touring routine has, like the Buttpod, been on hold for awhile due his other commitments. Here are his latest dates. If you are able, go and see a master at work. You should also go and see Brent if you have the time, he's pretty good too you know. 

Links to ticket sales are in the venue name below.


Jan 11th          Saskatoon, SK       Dakota Dunes Casino
Jan 12th          Regina, SK            Casino Regina Show Lounge (Two Shows 7.00 & 9.30)
Jan 13th          Winnipeg, MB      Club Regent Event Center
Jan 14th          Brandon, MB        Western Manitoba Community Auditorium
Jan 19th          Airdrie, AB           Burt Church Theatre
Jan 20th          Enoch, AB            River Cree Resort & Casino

Feb 2nd           Richmond, BC      River Rock Casino Resort
Feb 7th            Ottawa, ON          Algonquin Commons Theatre

Mar 9th            Sarnia, ON            Imperial Theatre
Apr 6th             Nanaimo, BC       Port Theatre

That's this month wrapped up...oh speaking of which, better start writing my final demands list ..

Dear Santa

I have been a good boy this year. Despite what you might have heard the goldfish was ok and the man managed to fix the hoover.....

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