Friday 1 December 2023

The Officially Unofficial Corner Gas Interactive Advent Calendar 2023

It's that time again folks. It's the time of year when we gather all our loved ones around the hearth. A cosy fire crackling away. Egg Nog and festive treats are shared. We all play our favourite games. Laughter. Happiness. Until the time comes, just before everyone makes their way up the wooden hill to bedfordshire to await the arrival of the jolly, red suited one. The time we all look forward to each year. 

Granny takes her place in the big comfy chair with all the cushions. She makes herself comfy. All the children in the house gather at her feet in anticipation. Granny, with her best Christmas teeth in, looks each of the children deep in their eyes. Takes a deep breath and begins her traditional Christmas story.

"What in the hell happen to all the posts that English fella used to put up on Corner Gas Fan Corner.

The lazy Jackass!!"

That's a very good point, well made, grandma. 

Fan Corner is still as busy as ever over on Facebook. We have thousands of Jackasses and Hammerheads over there who are treated to all the great Corner Gas content you love here on the site on a daily basis! Tons of interaction, tons of exclusive content and more laughs than your bladder can possibly handle at any time of year let only this booze heavy season!

So head over to Facebook and search for Corner Gas Fan Corner: The Group and join in the good times. 

However, there are big changes afoot here at Fan Corner. 2024 will bring all sorts of exciting new content, a new look, new podcast episodes and some great Dog River surprises. So stay tuned and keep coming back for all the latest. 

Here, to tide you over, is our traditional seasonal Corner Gas advent calendar. This year it's chock full of videos with clips you will be very familar with and some you won't. A new door opens every day at midnight in your time zone. So no point trying to cheat and look at everything all at once - it won't work Captain Cheaty Cheaterton of Cheat-Town Illinois! Keep coming back for all the Christmassy good times you can shake a stick at!

Happy Holidays Jackasses!!


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