Thursday 16 September 2021

A Little Help From Your Friends - Special Top Secret Project Special

 I know, I know! You're wondering where I have been aren't you! You aren't? Why not? Rude!

There has been an unfortunate lack of posting here at Corner Gas Fan Corner, which I apologise for, however there are myriad reasons for this. One of them being the time spent looking up the meaning of the word myriad. 

However, I haven't been slacking off. Well, maybe a little bit. Most of the party has moved to Facebook. If you haven't joined yet, look for my Facebook page Corner Gas Fan Corner: The Group. The membership recently rocketed and I oversee all sorts of fun and shenanigans for fans like you (Yes you! Do you always take your phone into the toilet?  Have you done something new with your hair by the way?) So come and check it out, join in discussions, make new friends and call everyone a Jackass. 

Anyway, I digress. On Facebook, last week, I announced a little plan I have been hatching. Here is the post in full, copy and pasted for your convenience. Mostly my convenience actually. 


Ok gang. I need your help on a big secret project. So big a secret is it that I am only telling a select 3,000 or so of my closest chums.
..that's you guys. You got that right?
Anyways, any of you reading this that have been involved in the production of Corner Gas in any way over the last 17 years please look away or you will have a surprise spoilt. peeking.
Ok. They've gone.
I've been waiting to find out when the season ended to bring this idea to you. We now know it's Nov 1st.
So I would like to put a big thank you together for all those at Corner Gas, cast and crew, from all us fans. A thank you for so many laughs and good times and for all the effort they all put in to keep us entertained.
I would like to put together a video.
Here's what I need from you guys. A very short video of yourself, your families, pets, passers by, whoever you like saying thank you.
You could say a general thanks or one to your favourite cast member, writer, guest star, director specifically. Think outside the box people like Craig Northey for example or Jann Arden as well as main cast like Fred and Nancy etc.
I emphasise short video. I'm talking seconds. Just long enough to say a quick thanks. No Lord of the Rings extended directors cuts.
I will also need lots of them. If I only get a few entries I won't post them out. I need enough to be able to edit them into a roughly one minute video.
Of course in those few short seconds creativity would be awesome but not essential. Maybe have some CG merch in frame if you have it, things like that.
Send your (short) video direct to me at by October 1st.
The complete video will be put out on all my social media and on my website
By sending me a video clip for inclusion you agree that you are happy for me to do that.
I'll release it Nov 1st after the airing of the final episode.
Hope this is something you guys would be interested in doing. It should be fun.


So there we go gang. I hope this is something you would like to get involved in. The videos don't have to be anything fancy, unless you want to make them so then that would be amazing! Let's send some love back to those who have worked so hard putting together our favourite show for us.

If you have any questions you can post them in the comments section below or contact me at e-mail address above.

Normal service here at the site will resume soon, until then, for daily Corner Gas fun, news and excitement come and join the Facebook group. We have a 100% guarantee there that you will be called a Jackass.

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