Monday 11 June 2018

Not A Lot Goin' On - Corner Gas News June 2018

Many years ago, just after tea time, John Logie Baird was sitting at the dining room table. His belly was full up with the roast shortbread and Haggis Surprise his wife had lovingly prepared.
"What was the surprise in the Haggis John Logie Baird's wife?" asked John Logie Baird
"Do ye nay what is in Haggis the noo?" she replied Scottishly
"No" he replied, adjusting his sporran
"Well that's the surprise" she told him before hiding the cook book and starting the car engine ready for a quick getaway in case he found out. "It's ye turn ta dae the dishes dear." she advised
JLB looked sheepish, it must have been his white, curly hair. "Ahh I cannae the neet. I havetae invent the television" he bleated
"Not again, ye invented that three times this week already....the noo" she complained
"Ah yes but I have tee perfect Ultra HD and Dolby Tru Surround so we can watch Corner Gas Animated properly" he explained in an accent so broad it couldn't fit through the door.
His wife suddenly became over excited. We have yet to discover her name. John din't know what it was either, she had never told him and he didn't like to ask as they had been married quite some time now. "What time is Corner Gas Animated on?" She jabbered
"2018" he replied after checking his watch.
"Hoots mon! That's only 89 years away! I'll get the kettle on and boil some shortbread. You finish inventing that telly!"
JLB sat back knowing that he had changed history and successfully got out of doing the washing up again.


Where does the time go? It seems like only 18 months, two weeks and five days ago that I reported the announcement that Corner Gas Animated was going into production. Here we are, nearing the middle of June and the series is nearly over. What a season it has been. The premiere episode broke viewing records at the Comedy Network, over 360,000 people in Canada have watched the episode so far. The series as a whole has been receiving great reviews and has won over the hearts of fans old and new. The general conscientious has been with each episode the series gets better and better. It seems that the networks are very pleased with the reception CGA has been getting and this week announced that a second season has been confirmed! There was much rejoicing all over social media.

CTV held an event in Toronto to announce all their new and re-newed programming for the 2018/2019 season. A bunch of familar reprobates were on hand to get everyone to come over all unecssary and exciteable about CGA Season 2.

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This isn't the first time in the last few weeks that some of the gang popped up together outside of their animated forms. A few weeks back Brent, Nancy, Lorne and Tara were on hand the lend their culinary expertise to the eighth episode of season five of Masterchef Canada judges. I mentioned this a few posts back but it's worth bringing up again so I can pad out the content this week. The episode, which can be streamed from many legitimate platforms, involved the contestants creating an elevated dish (no..I have no idea either) inspired by the CGA cast.

As popular as the show has been there has been on gripe that fans have had through out its run. Many have complained because CGA has only been available to view on a premium cable channel in Canada. This has meant that a large chunk of the live actions shows audience have not been able to tune in as they do not have access to the Comedy Network. The first few weeks of the series were available to view as Comedy unlocked their programming making it available for free for a limited time. However, the good folk at CTV are now going to re-run the entire season on their regular terrestrial channel on Sundays, starting June 17th 8.30pm ET/MT. I get asked a lot if I know when CGA will be available in other territories around the world and if the first season will be available on DVD. There are plans a foot folks, they have been long gestating. Those good people at team CG are beavering away to make a deal that will have the show reach far and wide. There is no news on a home entertainment release as yet but I believe it is also being looked into, my guess would be that if a shiny disc was to come out that you won't see it on the shelves until after the re-runs on CTV have finished airing. 

Here is an idea that might help you see the show a bit quicker, it's a long shot but maybe worth a try! There has been an article popping up on the net this last week relating that many Netflix subscribers do not realise that you can request your favourite shows and movies be considered for streaming by the internet bohemouth. I can't guarantee it will make a lick of difference but why not make a suggestion that they pay a whole bunch of money to those in charge to have Corner Gas be added to their library. Here's how it's done - 

On your P.C. log in to Netflix and navigate to the bottom of the screen. There is a link to their help center, click it. On the right of the screen there should be a box headed quick links which contains a link "Request T.V. Shows and Movies" if you use the link it will show you a box where you can add the titles of up to three shows or movies. I suggest you fill it in thusly - 

You never know, your vote may change the tides and have all that Dog River Goodness streaming to your living room as fast as your bandwidth will allow. Netflix are nice enough to let you know that once you have submitted your requests there is no need to do it again, so I would imagine that they are a little bit cross with me for filling in their form as above more than twice (37,563 times). 

There has been some fantastic marketing going on to promote the new show. If you would like regular updates and information on each week's new episode you can head over to and sign up to The Howler Mailing List. Click on the envelope icon, in the top right of the website header and fill in your details to be sent links to behind the scenes videos with Brent Butt, Brent's joke of the week, GIF's, quips the whole darn shootin' match. These little gems of social media joy are fantastic but I will give a warning that they do contain minor spoilers for those of you who have yet to see any of the new episodes. Another bonus of subscribing to the mailing list and adding using #CGAFanoftheWeek to your social media is you could be acknowledged as Corner Gas superfan in a one of The Howler e-mails! How very cool to have thems sorta braggin' rights! 

There have already been a few great fans mentioned that have been known to float around this little site o'mine. One of which is Sarah Wylde. She does weekly CGA recap videos on You Tube which I highly recommend you check out here. She also put together this rather natty music video for Not A Lot Goin' On. Well done Sarah, keep up with the good work!

Corner Gas fans everywhere have been clammering for new merchandise to go with their new favourite cartoon and they have not been disappointed. A whole glut of apparel is now available at the official Corner Gas website store. The sartorial gods have been listening and for a mere few bucks you too could now be wearing the oft requested Oscars Hat! New T-Shirt designs seem to be added regularly including a special edition featuring a sketch of Sasquatch as scribbled by Brent Butt and also has his autograph printed on it. Click here for a direct link to a fantastic way to part with a large portion of your disposable income.

So there we go you are all pretty much caught up with The Corner Gas Animated story so far. At time of writing there are three episodes left to broadcast. Shortly after a new entry will be available at our Episode Guide page with all the CGA episodes there in. There is also a plethora of new cast, writers and directors to cover which if I were to write about here this post would take so long to read you would loose all feeling in your left leg from sitting down too long. When you go to get up, you will fall over, bash your head on the coffee table and spill your coffee on the cat. Mr. Tibbles will then shoot across the room and knock over all the candles, setting fire to your priceless collection of used hairpieces. So probably best leave all that extra info for another post I reckon.

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