Monday 3 December 2018

The 100% Officially Unofficial Corner Gas Interactive Advent Calendar 2018!

It's here. December 2018. We are only days away until "he" comes to visit! As with every year it can get very difficult to keep track of what day it is and how long until we get to see if there has been a GI Joe - Ninja Office Admin Assistant action figure left underneath the tree. So, like a Ninja, I have leaped to your side carrying this years officially unofficial Corner Gas advent calendar.

This year we have an animated theme. Come back every day to get a special surprise from all your Dog River favourites by clicking on that days door. No cheating and clicking on all the doors all at once. Santa knows when you are naughty!

So grab an egg nog, crank up the "Now That's What I Call Songs That Have Been Playing in the Stores Since July" CD, relax and click away.

What is a nog anyway? Why are they always so eggy? Are there no cheese nogs or broccoli nogs?

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