Thursday 13 December 2018

Not A Lot Goin' On - Breaking News Special Report!

Well are my thumbs aching! Every so often the world of Corner Gas goes a bit crazy, a bit of exciting news hits the net, usually via Mr Butt, and then my phone starts buzzing with more notifications than the notice board of a bee colony village hall.

Last night was no exception.

It's a great time to be or become a fan of Corner Gas. In the last year and change we have had the run up to and release of Corner Gas: Animated, the news of record breaking viewing figures, live appearances and table reads from cast and crew. The list goes on.

Today, Dog Rivers boundaries have stretched past its usual confines of the boarders of Canada. Corner Gas is now WORLDWIDE!!

Thanks to the hard working team behind the scenes and the good folks at Amazon (who I will now forgive for chucking my last delivery over the six foot drop of my garden fence) the original six seasons of Corner Gas and the movie are available to stream in more than sixty countries around this little blue and green globe of ours. Who says Christmas miracles don't happen?

I started this site originally to see what the process was to getting television shows from overseas on to screens on home soil. I was hoping to report the no doubt complicated business of wheeling and dealing in the entertainment industry which was no doubt rife with red tape, contractual conundrums and the requirement of a ton of cash. Turns out the process is to sit and be patient. All good things ...etc.

No doubt there was a lot of wrangling that needed to take place, the road to world broadcasting has not been an easy one for Corner Gas. I'll save that story for another post. The effort to get the show to fans all over the world has paid off and we can all enjoy a good old fashioned, traditional binge watch over Christmas - just like Nan used to, and her Nan before her.

Here is the full list of countries that can now catch up with Brent and the gang -

United States                                                                    Kenya
United Kingdom (YAY!)                                                 Kiribati
Anguilla                                                                           Lesotho
Antartica                                                                          Liberia
Antigua and Barbuda                                                      Malawi
Austrialia                                                                        Mauritius
Bahamas                                                                         Micronesia
Barbados                                                                         Montserrat
Belize                                                                              Nambia
Bermuda                                                                         New Zealand 
Botswana                                                                        Nigeria
Bouvet Island                                                                 Norfolk Island
British Indian Ocean Territory                                       Palau                                       
British Virgin Islands                                                     Papa New Guinea  
Brunei                                                                            Philippines
Cameroon                                                                      Pitcairn
Cayman Islands                                                             Saint Helena
Christmas Island                                                            Saint Kitts and Nevis
Cocos Islands                                                                Saint Lucia
Cook Islands                                                                 Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
Denmark                                                                       Sierra Leone
Dominica                                                                      Solomon Islands
Falkland Islands                                                           South Africa
Fiji                                                                                South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands
Finland                                                                         Swaziland
Gambia                                                                         Sweden
Ghana                                                                           Tonga
Gibraltar                                                                       Trinidad and Tobago
Grenada                                                                        Turks and Caicos Islands
Guyana                                                                          Tuvalu
Heard Island and McDonald Islands                            Uganda
Iceland                                                                          United States Minor Outlying Islands

All you chaps in Canada can still stream the show on Crave TV.

So welcome one and welcome all to the world of Dog River and the shenanigans there in! Also welcome to Corner Gas Fan Corner your one stop shop for all the information you need about your new favourite show.

If you are a newcomer to the show why not contact me with your thoughts and favourite moments in Corner Gas. Let me know who your favourite characters are and which Episode really tickled your funny bone. All the contact details are on the Contact page or you can even leave a comment below!

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