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Dog River Denizens - Andrea Runge

Andrea Runge

I would love to join the pantheon of world famous biographers. Professional biographers have exsisted all the way back to prehistoric times. The first biography was written by a caveman called Urggh. A well known diarist, he documented the early career of The Rolling Stones up to their very first stadium gig, as can be evidenced in the cave painting below.

Now unfortunately, when I decided to bring you biog's of every person that crosses the screen in Corner Gas, I didn't factor in how little information may be available. Luckily it turns out my calling may not be biographical writing. It turns out I would be an excellent private investigator. Apparently I have the detecting skills of Columbo and I look fantastic in a trench coat. Need proof? Here it comes.

Today's subject is Andrea Runge. Andrea pops up in Corner Gas twice in the first season. She appears briefly as "Barmaid" in Ruby Reborn (Season  1, Episode 1) and again as "Cheryl" in Cousin Carl (Season 1, Episode 8).



Andrea was born January 28th 1982.


Now, this is the bit where I offer to fill out the biography with facts so broad you could drive a bus through them but would not end up with me getting sued into the next millennium. Things like, "Andrea has often noticed trees". However, I did that with my last subject, and probably the one before that too.

I can tell you that Andrea has worked extensively in theatre. She has performed in numerous dramatic productions including all your favourite plays by William Shakespeare (Billy Shakes to his chums at the Lamb and Flag Public House). She is a mainstay as a performer at the Stratford Festival.

Evidenced by her show reel on IMDb ( ) Andrea is a very accomplished actress with a  particularly wide range. So lets just skip all the unimportant details like her education, theatrical background, influences and favourite branch of Starbucks and go straight to where you can find her other work.

Here are a few highlights from Andrea's impressive resume that might tickle your fancy.

The Wisher (aka Spliced)

Low budget horror feature The Wisher is an early entry on Andrea's IMDb page. It features a performance by Ron Silver, probably best known as the big bad in JVCD classic Timecop. The story tells of a young girl, obsessed with horror movies, who sneaks out to see the biggest slasher flick in the world "The Wisher" against her Dad's ..err..wishes. She goes to the theater with her best friends Debbie and Kara (played by Andrea). Half way through the film our heroine is somehow possessed by the stalker from The Wisher who makes all her desires come true to murderous effect.

The movie seems to have a cult following on the net but, having never seen it and also having very little to go on I would like to put forward a theory that seems to have been over looked on IMDb. Andrea's character is named Kara Genero which obviously means she is the daughter of Holly Genero and thus The Wisher takes place in the same universe as Die Hard! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Lizzie Borden Took an Ax

This made for television movie starring Christina Ricci as the titular murderous legend garnered excellent reviews and enough popularity to be released for home video around the world. Lizzie Borden and the did she, didn't she tale of the murder of her parents is one that has intrigued generations since the actual events took place in 1892. Ricci is on fine form portraying the Sunday School teacher and possible maniac. So popular was the movie that it was followed up with a series The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.

Andrea can be seen in the series as Alice Russell who's story is a critical element to the Borden saga. As a friend of Lizzie her testimony was a corner stone of the proceedings against Lizzie B. Now a historian would be able to tell you all the important minutae of Russell's involvement in the case. I, not being one, had a quick scan on the net, couldn't figure it out and decided that it's more important that I let you know Andrea's performance is incredible and is worth looking out for.

Orphan Black

Orphan Black is another cult favourite. A science fiction tale of a young lady who discovers she is a clone created by an ominous group of scientists who which to control the creation of human beings. She also discovers she is wanted by the police, a religious group and various other big bads for her shenanigans trying to protect the bond between a parent and it's child.

The complicated story was a joint production of Space Canada and BBC America and ran for five seasons. The central theme of cloning, and the slow reveal of more clones existing along the narrative gives Orphan Black a Blade Runner like feel. The show was so popular it spawned a comic book tie in by IDW publishing and an audio series Orphan Black: The Next Chaper.

Andrea can be seen in the episode "From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths" as PR Flack.

Designated Survivour

So, we've had horror, thriller, sci-fi - let's get all political next with Designated Survivor.

Running for three seasons between 2016 and 2019, the show follows Thomas Kirkman, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development who suddenly get's a field promotion to President of the United States when everyone in front of him in the Presidential Line of Succession gets blown to smithereenies. This set up is not to be confused with the John Goodman not so classic King Ralph.

 Starring Corner Gas guest Kiefer Sutherland the show was originally produced by ABC for two seasons. So confident in the premise were they the usual series pilot, tester episode, was ignored and they went straight to series. A strategy that proved so successful they cancelled it after two seasons. However, Netflix picked the show up for a third season of ten episodes.

Andrea featured in two episodes as Captain Betsy Kassabian, a character who spent most of her screen time trying to persuade others that the rock band named themselves after her. Not really.....but she should have!

Let's Go Luna

Let's Go Luna is an educational series of 38 episodes and a one hour special from the mind of Joe Murray, creator of classic Nickelodeon cartoon Rocko's Modern Life. In the show Leo the Wombat, Carmen the Butterfly and Andy the Frog travel around the world with their parents. Every so often their friend Luna the Moon will come down from above to teach them about the local culture, food and language.
Andrea features as the voice of Freddi in two episodes "The Big Squeeze" and "Meet the Presses".

The series has met with excellent reviews as it helps teach tolerance, kindness and friendship, something I think we can all agree we need a little bit more of these days.


So there we have it folks, you can now walk away from this biography feeling safe in the knowledge that you have achieved no additional knowledge.

If you happen to be Andrea Runge please feel free to say hi at any of the addresses on my contact page. I would love to interview you and put all the missing information about your career together :)

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