Thursday 15 November 2018

With a Little Help From Friends - A Buttpod Special

Some time ago I wrote a little article spot lighting the wonderful Buttpod You Tube channel. Most of you will know this is where Brent Butt posts the video component to his fantastic podcast. Brent set a goal of reaching 15,000 subscribers by the end of the year.

Here is a video that he put out recently with an update on the target. 

Now. Is it a fail to have reached nearly 4,000 people? I think not, I don't think I have reached that many people in my entire 43 years on this earth - if you discount people I have said hello to more than once like the milkman, the guy from the newsagents and my parole officer. So in my book 4,000 subscribers should go down as a positive achievement and should be rewarded with looking after the class hamster for the weekend. 

Also the year isn't up yet and we are heading into the season of good will to all men - well all men except the milkman, the guy from the newsagent and my parole officer - they can just about blummin' well go jump into the nearest lake and/or combine harvester! I think there is still time to get Brent to the magic 15,000 mark and here is how we can all help do it. 

If you are a regular reader of Corner Gas Fan Corner chances are you have already subscribed to The Buttpod You Tube Channel. However, you all no doubt have Facebook accounts and Instagram and Twitter and Faceagram and Snappytwits and Instabook and all those others. Looking at you, as handsome or beautiful as you are, with that magnetic personality that glows from your every pore, I bet you have a fair few friends and followers. (By the way ...I like what you have done with your hair.)

As a social influencer why not use your pulling power for the betterment of mankind by making your followers, your gang, your homies all aware of The Buttpod and getting them to subscribe?

Put out a message with a link to the Buttpod channel on any one or all of your social media accounts and ask your friends and followers to share or retweet. Be sure to tell them how fantastic the channel is and ask them to share as well and keep the share going. It would be like one of those chain letters you used to get in the post in the 80's (For anyone who is too young to remember the 80's letters were e-mails that had been ironed flat and got put through your door as long as you paid for it with a stamp, which was like a sticky Bitcoin).

It's just that simple. If 50 of you with 200 followers manage to get them all to subscribe that alone almost wins The Buttpod the Golden Ticket and the chance to be chased around the sweet factory by little orange fellows with green hair who are probably suffering from type two diabetes.

I just deleted a whole paragraph that was very soppy, giving a reason why I want to help Brent reach his goal. At the end of the day, other than I truly believe the channel is a lot of fun and well worth spreading the word about, why do we need a reason to help a fella out. It only takes a couple of clicks of a mouse or a tap on the screen, mere seconds of someones time, it's free and may well come with good karma attached*.

It's a great way to say "Thanks for the laughs."

As with my original post, anyone who contacts me with proof of subscription to The Buttpod You Tube Channel will receive a certificate of participation to pin up at work, frame and hang in between the painting of dogs playing poker and the Velvet Elvis or stick on the dart board.

Please spread the word, let me know how you got on. In the mean time here are a few other ideas how you could let people know about The Buttpod -

  • Bring back the crop circle craze by creating a pattern in your cornfield that looks like Brent's head (make sure you have a field large enough)
  • Learn Semaphore, join the Navy, and stand on the bow of your ship waving flags like a loon to spell out the message "Please don't shoot at me - P.S. Subscribe to The Buttpod"
  • Ask Buddy Valastro to bake you a giant cake that looks like a massive subscribe button. Have him put you inside it. When he shouts "Who wants to eat some cake?" it should automatically open and propel you skyward, in a hail of fireworks as you shout through a loud haler "Subscribe to The Buttpod". Please do not use this method if you have the cake delivered to your Grans 106th birthday party or the opening of a new heart surgery recovery ward.  
Now go - Get sharing team!

*Good Karma not guaranteed, please don't write in about the crummy day you had.

P.S. If you share this post there are a dozen links to The Buttpod You Tube Channel (<-- There's one right there) that your chums can use to make their way to the subscribe button!

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