Friday 6 December 2019

Santa's Little Helper - Christmas Gift Ideas For The Corner Gas Super Fan

Every year it get's harder and harder to think of a unique Christmas gift for all your loved ones. Because of this the Christmas season can become extremely stressful when suddenly inspiration leaves you and even with Amazon Prime there is no way anything you order is going to arrive in time to save you from a dirty look by the missus over the Turkey and/or the Vegitarian/Vegan alternative of such (Corner Gas Fan Corner: Covering All Bases). 

What on earth do you get someone you have been buying gifts for for what seems a lifetime. You already got them that pristine copy of Mad Magazine #1 that was bought as a genuine, heartfelt gift that will only ever appreciate in value and not as something "you want for yourself" by any means! You got them the Goat Grooming Kit, a Cheese Straightener, a Monogrammed Nasal Hair Clipper. The shelves are full of books you gave such as 100 Greatest Kale Recipes and Spleens: An Oral History - all unread for some unfathomable reason. 

Well, as ever, the good folks at Corner Gas HQ have come to the rescue! Especially for us unfortunate enough to live in the U.K.! For some time now Corner Gas apparel and merchandise has been available at (you know, the other Corner Gas website). Recently they made t-shirts available at and . Just yesterday (5th December 2019) I received word that the CG Clothing Empire is expanding to also take in .

There are a series of awesome t-shirts available. The designs below are available in all sizes, for men and women, in various colours. Some designs are also available as Sweatshirts in case you need a shirt in which to sweat in. 

Most exciting for die hard fans will be the often requested Dog River River Dogs shirt. This is available in three variations with team numbers for Brent, Davis and Hank on the back. So be sure to use the link to your favourite character - or go mad and order all three. 

A note to all the Corner Gas Guzzlers Baseball Shirt is not available as of yet but be assured I have dropped many hints that it's a regular request in my in box to the powers that be. If it should ever become available I'll post a link. 



So there you go all your gift giving worries wrapped up in one neat package (See what I did there...I'm getting good at this writing malarkey!) So go get buying, especially in the UK - we never had it so good. Even better, get someone to buy for you - it is Christmas after all and what is more important at this time of year than receiving a decent present* 

* A friendly word to the wise - a speak your weight machine for your nearest and dearest apparently is not a decent present and may well land you with an oven thermometer inserted somewhere you don't want it. 

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