Sunday 3 November 2019

Not A Lot Goin' On - Corner Gas News - October 2019

It funny where inspiration comes from. I sit here trying to think of a way to start a post and find myself staring into the sky looking to the heavens for a little nugget of gold to wake up my synapses and get the old imagination up out of its bed and doing a thousand reps before a quick jog to the gym.

Then nothing comes and so I go with the first unrelated thing that comes to mind and worry about making it relevant later

I enjoy watching the trails that airplanes leave in the sky. When I see one trail being closely followed by another I wonder if the second plane has a wife chasing her pilot husband in the one ahead because he left his lunch on the kitchen counter again. She is leaning out of the cockpit window, waving a thing wrapped in tin foil at the 747 in front of her, shouting "Steve, it's Marge!! Pull over....PULL OVER!!!"

Do you think there have ever been two air traffic controllers that have put planes on certain courses so they can play tic-tac-toe across the sky? If not there should be an inquiry as to why not!

Also did you ever look at those patterns in the sky and think about the fact that there are hundreds of people above you sitting in chairs? They should make a passenger plane with a glass fuselage and not tell anyone. You would look up and see flying furniture with little feet dangling off them. People will start thinking Bedknobs and Broomsticks is a documentary. 

I think I drank too much coffee. Anyway, let's make like Huey Lewis and hear some News!


Recently I reported that Corner Gas, Corner Gas: The Movie and Corner Gas Animated are now available in the United States on the relatively new service IMDb TV. This is a free service but there are a few ads during the episodes to watch. Fantastic news right? Well apparently not to everyone. I have fielded a fair few messages from various CG fans that are either confused about the whole deal or angry because they now have to watch adverts during the episodes.

So here is the complete run down for you to clear things up as provided by the official Corner Gas website. thought you were on the official site? Unfortunately not my friend, however, I am officially unofficial...long story.

There is no way to watch the show on IMDb TV without ads. However, if you are of a mind to you can still rent or buy the series and movie from Amazon Video and stream, ad free, to your hearts content. Here is a link to help you with that

The contentious topic of piracy often comes up on social media from those who are upset about the move to IMDb TV. Certain members of the Corner Gas fan community are very quick to point out where you can get the show for free illegally. We at Fan Corner do not support this behavior. Even watching on You Tube is technically supporting piracy.

I don't want to get anyone's back up so look at it this way. What needs to be remembered is that Corner Gas is like a business, it needs to make money to survive. As much as it feels a bit dirty to think it, all your favourite shows exist to make it's parent companies some loot. If it stops doing that, for whatever reason, it's no longer a viable product and then the plug gets pulled. No more show. I have been using the example of the fantastic Ash Vs Evil Dead series that met an early death (excuse the pun) because of heavy downloading of the entire series. The more people who watch Corner Gas in all it's forms via official channels the more likely we can enjoy new seasons for years to come.

So please people, enjoy the show. The ad to chuckle ratio is way out of whack in chuckles favour so I think it's a small price to pay. In fact it's no price to pay - because it's free!!

Anyway, we got in heavy and deep there let's see what else is going on around the CGU.


Craig Northey is as always a busy lad. He is currently on tour with The Steven Page Trio. At time of writing the boys are on the second leg of a US tour. You can find all the tour dates if you visit for lots more information. The tour so far has been hugely successful, as always taking in a spectrum of venues large and small all across the states. As you know the trio are made up of Steven Page (ex -Barenaked Ladies), Kevin Fox cellist extraordinaire, Craig and on many occasions they are joined by The Jackass-Cast collaborator, rhythmic thumper and all round good egg Liam McKinnon.

Of course Craig is often juggling many projects all at once. He is also very busy scoring the recently announced third season of Corner Gas Animated. How does he manage to do it all you ask? Check out Brent's Instagram post which goes some way to answering that very question.


If you have listened to the latest episode of The Jackass-Cast with guest Fred Ewanuick you would have heard us mention briefly a new project he has been involved in but we didn't really give a lot of details about it...well none actually. So I shall make up for it here.

Fred and Nancy Robertson appear in comedy short A New Leash on Life.

The short tells the story of Basketball, a magical talking dog, prone to outbursts. After one outburst too many Basketball has to convince his owner not to have him put down. That's all she wrote for a plot outline so far. Fred is the voice of Basketball and Nancy plays Dr Kubler the vet charged with the possible putting down of the pooch. I'm not reading laugh a minute out of this one however the project is in post production at the moment so I will report once we can all see the final article.


Ok so, you think that one sounds odd. How about Flora and Ulysses - the story of a young girl and a squirrel with super powers?! Well that is the description on IMDb for another project featuring Nancy Robertson as Tootie Tickham. The movie seems to be in production for inclusion on the new Disney streaming service (yes, another one) Disney+ . It is written by Brad Copeland, known for his work on Wild Hogs and My Name is Earl, from a novel by Kate DiCamillo. Top billed in the cast is Alyson Hannigan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame. Here is a little more detail I found on the net -

Flora & Ulysses tells the story of 10-year-old Flora, an avid comic book fan and a self-avowed cynic, who saves a squirrel she names Ulysses only to have its unique superhero powers wreak havoc in a series of humorous, antic-filled adventures that ultimately change Flora’s life—and her outlook—forever. Matilda Lawler, who stars on Broadway as Honor Carney in the Tony Award–winning play The Ferryman, will make her feature film debut as Flora. Alyson Hannigan will play her romance-writer mother, Phyllis, and Ben Schwartz will play her world-weary, estranged father, George. Newcomer Benjamin Evans Ainsworth will play William, Flora’s new (and annoying) friend, and Danny Pudi will play Miller, an overly zealous animal control officer.

No info on when the movie will hit the new service but Disney+ rolls out in the U.S. on November 12th and around the world shortly. 


Eric Peterson will also soon be seen in the movie "Defining Moments". A comedic drama the movie is also one of the last projects to star the legendary Burt Reynolds who sadly passed away last year. 

Defining Moments had a release date of April 12, 2019 but this didn't seem to happen. IMDb has the release date as December 25th 2020 at the moment. The movie was actually filmed way back in 2017. 

"Defining Moments is a highly comedic film about that one single moment in time that changes you from who you were to who you'll be," the film's writer, director and producer Stephen Wallis told CBS News in a statement. "The film follows the intertwining stories of several families when faced with the most important moment in their lives. From birth to death and to life changing times, the film is a reflection of the journeys we all take. Whether we choose to or not."
As ever, any more release news that shows up for Defining Moments will be available here as long as I remember to follow it up in the future. Give me a nudge if I forget. 


Hockey legend Kirk LeMur has been adding a whole bunch of new videos on da You Tube as he would say. Recently he has treated us to an inside look at a practice drill and a review of some of his favourite kit. Now, where the drill is concerned, you can imagine Kirk is at the absolute peak of physical fitness, don't feel too bad if you can't keep up with his pace on the da ice. Slow and steady wins the race. Check out the videos below.

I am trying to get as many subscribers over to Kirk's You Tube Channel as possible. When you are over there watching please click the subscribe button and the bell icon to be informed when Kirk uploads a new video. You won't regret it. Also you can hear Kirk pop up on the latest episode of The Jackass-Cast here which was a rare treat. It's not often you can get Fred Ewanuick and Kirk in the same room at the same time you know.


Whilst we are over on da Toob. Why not have a looky loo at Brent's latest video on The Buttpod channel. This time around we get another view behind the scenes with a little tour of his home office. He has a whole lot of awesome nick nacks from his career dotted around the place that make for interesting viewing. He mentions a few gifts that he has received and as he does so I noticed one on the shelf that was from me! Cool! Have a watch, and again if you haven't subscribed to the channel have a click on the appropriate buttons so you don't miss a single minute of Buttpod goodness.


Remember years ago there was a movie about a basketball playing dog called Air Bud? Well the movie was such a huge success that since they have made no end of sequels, each upping the absurdity stakes of the last. There has been Air Bud: Barking at Balls, Air Bud: Cone of Shame, Abbott and Costello Meet Air Bud the list is endless. Well if your little ones are looking for more doggie murlarky look no further than Air Bud: Pup Academy which features the one and only Gabrielle Miller.

The show is another Disney production and is available to watch on The Disney Channel and no doubt Disney+ on launch where you will also be able to see Air Bud vs Cujo.


So here is how watching trails in the sky is relevant to everything that has gone before. Strap in - if I pull this one off it will be a miracle.

Aviation was once an unimaginable dream. The idea that we could make furniture and several hundred tonnes of metal float across the sky with ease was once one that would get you locked up in a comfortable padded room with no hope of ever owning shoelaces again.

If it wasn't for the dreams of trailblazers such as The Wright Brothers we would have never gotten to a point where I could pick a random thought and make it into a ropey introduction to this weeks post. That's the meaning of science right there folks.

The world is full of dreamers. It's daring to make that dream reality that makes the world a better place. Brent dared to make his dreams come true and here we are all now enjoying Corner Gas and waiting for me to get to the point.

I am a dreamer. I have a dream. You can help make it come true.

Corner Gas Fan Corner just whizzed past 40,000 visitors worldwide!! I have often said before that I only ever started this site for my own amusement and never expected more than a handful of people to pop by and have a read. I know this figure doesn't set the world on fire either when you compare to the traffic some of those other websites must be pulling in. However, it means a lot to me that people from all over the globe have taken the time to check out my scribbles and help spread Corner Gas fandom far and wide. So I thank you all. I had originally aimed to reach 40,000 by the end of the year so I am ahead of the game. Now I am aiming for 50,000.

Please help spread the word on social media, just a tweet, an Instagram post, Facebook message - anything to let everyone know where I am. Consider it my Christmas present and my dream made true.

So, there you are folks. Aviation and Corner Gas are practically the same thing. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Relevance achieved.


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