Sunday 24 March 2019

By Popular Demand - Your 100 Greatest Corner Gas Moments - Pt 4

Welcome back!!! Here we are at Ilfracombe Village Hall and Lido where we are about to discover the final 25 most popular episodes and scenes from Corner Gas! It's been a long haul folks, I know. I have been standing at this podium for so long now I have become a listed monument. Now, I know some of you have been drinking rather a lot and at the end of the ceremony there may well be a bit of a rush for the toilets. Well this may be a good time to point out that after last weeks all you can eat chili and prune festival there has been a bit of a plumbing issue and the council have yet to release the requisition paperwork for a new plunger. Please flush gently people. Which is a nice segue into a word from our sponsors!

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25 - Season 4, Episode 16 - Potato Bowl

Oscar and Davis have started their own society, Karen wants in

Karen: Can I join?

Oscar: Men only

Karen: You let Davis in!?

Oscar: Good point

Davis: Hey!

In an altruistic effort, and validation of his worthiness of 21st century progressive thinking Oscar lets Karen join his new club because she is good at sewing sashes.

However, the boys haven't really put much effort into thinking about what might take place at group meetings and Karen begins to regret her haste in wanting to join.

Karen: I'm kinda bored

Oscar: Wanna do the secret handshake again?

Karen: (Looking at her hand) Nah, I'm already getting a callous

24 - Season 5, Episode 16 Coming Distractions

Brent almost forgot to pay at The Ruby!!

Wanda is extremely good at evil laughter, especially when celebrating writing her name in wet cement!!

23 - Season 4, Episode 12 - Mothers Day

Hank is on the scrounge for a free dinner again!

Emma: By the way, dinner's at six on Sunday night

Brent: Are you sure you don't want me to cook? I mean it is Mother's Day, I should be making dinner for you

Emma: Oh thanks, but I'm really not in the mood for macaroni with mushroom soup on top

Brent: I've expanded my repertoire beyond that - I crush crackers up on it now

Hank: Ah, Mother's Day with your Mom sounds nice - it's too bad my Mom's not in town

Oscar: Yeah too bad

Hank: Yep, just my house...all alone

Oscar: Look, Jackass - you're not coming for dinner so you can pull your "Hint Wagon" into the station

Brent: Hint wagon?

Oscar: Like a wagon load of hints

Brent: I would have gone with "Hintenburg"

Hank: Still, it's pretty sad - me...all by myself...

Emma: Hank? Do you want to come?

Hank: Oh, well uh....I'll see if I can clear my schedule

22 - Season 5, Episode 18 - Bed and Brake Fast

When all is said and done, you can write all the fancy jokes you like, but nothing gets people giggling more than a good old fashioned boot in the nards!

21 - Season 4, Episode 17 - Seeing Things

Brent: Nobody said I was gonna have to touch my eyeball! 

Lacey: Brent, what did you think the word "contact" meant? 

Brent: I didn't give it any thought! I mean words don't have to mean exactly... hot dog doesn't have any dog in it.

20 - Season 3, Episode 11 - Hair Loss

Brent is a little upset about becoming follically challenged.

Brent: I'm going bald, Hank. These things are like lemmings.
Hank: Lemmings go bald? 

Lacey: Lemmings follow each other off cliffs and jump to their deaths. 

Hank: Just because they're goin' bald? That's a bit drastic.

19 - Season 1, Episode 7 - All My Exes Live in Toronto

There comes a time in every grown man life when he has to here the snap of rubber glove on Doctors hand.

Paul: Did he give you one of those...

Brent: Oh yeah. He put the Pro in Prostrate

Paul: Oh well, it's got to be done

Brent: I guess. I wish he wasn't so enthusiastic about it though. He went at me like he was trying to get the last pickle out of the jar

Now, despite pestering Oscar and Brent into seeing the doctor, Emma assures them that she sees a Doc in the city twice a year and is by no means taking part in a bi annual bowling tournament.

18 - Season 4 Episode 18 - Happy Campers

You ever wake up and think  - "Lookin' good georgeous!"

17 - Season 6 Episode 16 - Crab Apple Cooler

Brent and Hank have some scrumping mind

Now I think it is completely irresponsible of the booze companies to not put a warning on the bottle that says "Do not play Charades and drink alcohol whilst on pain pills"

16 - Season 6 Episode 13 - TV Free Dog River

This scene pretty much has all the elements in it that covers all the votes received. When Dog River goes TV free for a week why not head down to Corner Gas to look out of the window and watch


15 - Season 6 Episode 6 - Good Tubbin'

Whole lotta votes came in for the ever lovable, child friendly, Safety Pete!!

14 - Season 2 Episode 6 - Poor Brent

Oscar is grumpy again! This time he is feeling hard done by and putting far more effort into his relationship than Emma is, especially where the sugar bowl is concerned

Oscar: 35 years we've been married, and I'm always putting the lid on it

Emma: I wish you would put a lid on it

Emma decides to put things in perceptive for Oscar and stops doing things around the house that wouldn't usually get done if she didn't. How do you think the towels get cleaned Oscar?

What are the chances that Oscar is going to escalate things. Maybe he could potter around the house in the nudey buff, just because

13 - Season 2, Episode 18 - Harvest Dance

People seem to be getting a kick out of these comicbook style pictures I have been adding. Gives me an idea, imagine Corner Gas..only animated!! Mind blown!

Warning: New Girl Alert!

Brent and Oscar look for an excuse to not eat traditional Emma's jelly salad every year

12 - Season 3, Episode 5 - The Littlest Yarbo

Corner Gas Fan Corner by no means supports the creation of un-licenced products that infringe on copyright...but I couldn't find a proper picture of everyone's favourite travel coffee mug. Don't buy this mug.

That crafty hobo knows the best place for Brent and Hank at the the shed!

Emma asked Oscar to get rid of the leaves in the yard. Hank suggests burning them. What are the chances of this ending well?

11 - Season 1 Episode 9 - Cell Phone

Who has a bigger one Brent or Davis?

Davis: Do you think my new cell phone is small?

Karen: I don't know

Davis: Brent's got a smaller one. I mean, I wasn't looking on purpose, he had it out and I just glanced at it

Karen: Right

Davis: But mine is small right? I mean how small would you say is normal? You get an inaccurate idea because you see smaller ones in movies and magazines and stuff. But for a normal person's cell phone mine is small, smaller than average

Karen: I don't think anyone really cares as long as it works

The bar has a new claw machine, which Oscar gets a little smitten with, when Emma insists he comes home after spending to long with his new favourite machine he is a little incensed!

You know, in the last month I have become a Oscar Leroy meme generating machine. Look out, here comes another one!

10 - Season 5 Episode 2 - Spin Cycle

Wanda has bought a new wireless phone for Corner Gas. Wanda won't let anyone use it.

The ladies of Dog River are planing a charity calendar where the models are nudey!

Fitzy's Grandma: Are you afraid of being scantily clad?

Lacey: Scantily clad? What are you, 70?

Fitzy's Grandma: 74, but that's sweet of you to say

9 - Season 3 Episode 13 - Merry Gasmas

Ahh, the traditional Christmas trip to the emergency room

Ahh, the traditional horrendous trip home which is over complicated due to weather conditions

Airport Guy: Well, right now Toronto's completely snowed in. We had to cancel that flight. We had to make a call

Lacey: You made a the call?

Airport Guy: Oh no, the airline made the call. I don't make calls. I maean I could call if they wanted me to call somebody. But no, this kind of call is their call. They make the call and then they call me

Hands up who wants a Chewbot?

Well tough, Wanda got the last one!

8 - Season 1, Episode 1 - Ruby Reborn

Who would think this opening scene would lead to six seasons of some of the finest television ever made?

Is there anything, or anybody, ever, more iconic that this little shrubbery!

Hank is not happy about the new, improved Ruby -

Hank: Oh yeah, well, I got two words for ya. Boycott! I'm gonna put this place outta business

Brent: Hank if you had the power to put companies outta business by just not being a customer, why am I still able to buy mouthwash?

Wanda: Yeah and deodorant?

Emma: Clean underwear

Brent: Books

Wanda: Pants that fit

Emma: Nail clipppers

(Hank walks away)

Brent: Dandruff shampoo

Wanda: floss

Emma: Toilet paper

Oscar: Pickup trucks

Emma: (Groans)

Brent: You don't know what we're doing, do you, Dad?

Oscar: Shut up

7 - Season 3, Episode 3 - Dog River Vice

Brent has a wager with Emma that he can give up Coffee longer than she can give up knitting

Lacey: You want some decaf? 

Brent: Decaf?! The caf is what I need! The caf is the whole point of this! I'm not just jonesing for some hot brown liquid, with or without caf. I need the caf! 

Lacey: (Gives Brent a glass of milk) You need therapy. 

Brent: That's not caf. It's for a calf

Meanwhile, Oscar and Emma have become very keen on Ukrainian traditions

Oscar:  Do you want to make Holubsti?

Emma: Not to you! 

6 - Season 5 Episode 7 - Buzz Driver

I'm so glad this episode got voted for, it gives me an excuse to use my Baby Driver parody poster again. What? It took me ages, might as well get my moneys worth!

Someone was daft enough to let Oscar drive the school bus. The kids are very good, but Oscar is going to change all of that!

Back at Corner Gas Wanda has had one too many cans of Haywire energy drink and has become very keen to get the chores done, like scrapping the gum off the floor.

5 - Season 1 Episode 11 - Hook Line and Sinker

There is something about Hank when he goes fishing. He comes over all philosophical and poetic and the ladies can't resist his sexy fish talk.

Wanda: This is an intervention. You have a problem!

Karen: I don't have a problem

Wanda: Yes, you do. You...slept with Hank

Karen: I didn't sleep with Hank

Wanda: Well then why are you telling everybody you slept with him? So you have a substance abuse problem?

Karen: When he goes fishing, he's different...he talks about the string of life and the indelible eternal string...

Wanda: Are you on something right now? Let me check your pupils

Karen: He was like a Brad Pitt in "A River Runs Through It" ...or "The Horse Whisperer". He was like the Fish Whisperer

Wanda: The Fish Whisperer? LISTEN TO YOU! You slept with Hank and you're not making any sense! That's why you need this intervention!

Karen: I didn't sleep with Hank!

TRIVIA TIME: What is it you can not do with Alphagetti?

4 - Season 1 Episode 6 - Worlds Biggest Thing

Worlds Biggest (Dirty/Crack) Hoe!

3 - Season 5, Episode 14 - Contagious Fortune

Hank and Brent kick Wanda, who has caught pinkeye from Hank, out of Corner Gas

Hank: Maybe I was too tough on her. I too was once like her

Brent: Short and angry?

Wanda: (Yelling from outside) Hey Yarbo! I'm coming back for you! (Points at her pinkeye) You made me like this!! I'll be back...for YOU!!

Brent: Short and creepy

Later, in Corner Gas.....

Wanda: (to Brent who is cleaning) You missed a spot

Brent: How'd you get in here?

Wanda: Through the Ruby. Duh!

Brent: Hank! Wanda's breached the perimeter!

Hank: What! How?

Brent: Through the Ruby. Duh!

(Lacey enters via The Ruby)

Lacey: Sorry! She got past me!

Wanda: That's right! I said I'd be back! You can't stop my pinkeye revenge! (she spreads her pickeye germs over the counter) Go, my pets! Spread your pink path as I have commanded you!

Brent: Yeesh! A little dramatic

Wanda: Oh, and "breached the perimeter" is your everyday lingo?

2 - Season 2 Episode 8 - Security Cam

Davis has a new Tazer gun. Hank desperately wants to get tazed, you you do

Brent has a new security camera. Dog River denizens are using it for a spot of amateur dramatics practice and to get themselves out of an awkward situations. They're recorded behavior is so natural it belongs in a David Attenborough documentary....not!

Davis wants to audition for one of the security cam plays. Maybe he should have checked that his Tazer was off before he decided to use it as a prop.

1 - Season 6, Episode 18 - Get the F off My Lawn

So here we have the worlds favourite scene, and over all episode is "Get the F off My Lawn" So many fantastic moments packed into 22 minutes of comedy gold. All this from a season six episode which goes to show Corner Gas was still on top of it's game at the end of it's run. Here are your best bits.

I've run out of Oscar images to use for memes, I'm just going to go ahead and use the same one again.

I'm not're lazy....Jackass!!

The local cafe sign supply shop is all out of E's. So why not use an M and put it on it's side? This is why not.

The letters from your store sign are missing, time to call in Dog River's crack police unit. When I say unit...

Lacey: Maybe you should put out an APB on the F and E?

Davis: Too much paperwork

Oft copied but never bested, THE most popular Corner Gas scene as voted for by the public is ...


So there you have it folks the most popular scenes and the 100 most popular Corner Gas episodes. What a ride it has been. There has been some ups, some downs, some fire damage. However, most of us came out of the other side unscathed. Now we move on to our next category, the least favourite Corner Gas moments...the envelope please Marjorie.

.....Marjorie, this envelope is empty!

.....What do you mean there weren't any votes!


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