Sunday 28 February 2021

Not A Lot Goin' On - Corner Gas News - February 2021

 I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "What happens if I chew a toothpick and I get a bit of it stuck in my teeth? Then I have to use another toothpick to get it out, Then that breaks and gets stuck. Would I enter a dental hygiene time loop and disappear into a rip in the continuum?" You're also thinking "Where have you been Ian?!" 

Well the question should really be where haven't I been, because I haven't been everywhere, just like the rest of you. It's a great time to get one over on your well to do friends who would normally boast about their holidays. When they tell you "Well, we didn't go to the house in St. Tropez this year" you can top them! You're answer should be "Well we didn't go to the Summer House in Jamaica, the Ski lodge in Switzerland and we also didn't take the Mediterranean Cruise" Winner! Take that posh nobs! 

Now, with these fictional holiday destinations in mind, you could say I vacation all year round in Dog River. As fun as that may sound even I have to get out and see other places. So every year I take January off from this site. Kind of a detox if you will, of all thoughts of chili cheese dogs and pants found at the side of the road. This year that break seeped into February as well. There is good reason. I got lazy. What better reason would you need. 

I'm back now though, you lucky people! I'm going to catch you up with all the latest from your Corner Gas favourites. 


During Lockdown there have been infinite opportunities given to us to be be bored out of our tiny minds. Luckily respite was given in Canada and the U.S. in the form of ten weeks worth of televisual excitement! Corner Gas Animated Season 3 hit the screens and made the world better again with a whole bunch of well needed giggles. Reports coming back to the Fan Corner office have been largely favorable and have suggested that this has been the best season yet. 

The crowning glory of the season was the first animated Christmas special "Tinsil-Itis" which aired December 14th 2020. As an extra special bonus Crimbo gift Brent Butt and Craig Northey bought us a CGA (you know that means Corner Gas Animated right? Saves me typing it a million time in a post. Told you I got lazy) music video. The hilarious song "Everyone Can Sing at Christmas" was released with great fan fare with a live stream and message party with Brent, Craig, Nancy, Fred and other Corner Gas royalty in attendance. We all sang badly with along with the tune (because that is the point right? That's my excuse anyway) as they said hello to the folks that joined the group. That's pretty much all they had time to do because the clip is only a few minutes long. It was fun though. Here is a link to the video in case you wanted to get the Crimbletide feels all over again. Click the picture below.

However, Season 3 came to and end and now we are all on pins waiting to see if and when Season 4 will hit our screens. Well here is an exclusive for you that I am not entirely sure if I am supposed to share or not. However, when I have been given similar info previously I was told it wasn't a problem to share so I'll carry over that permission to this paragraph. If you try and come back to the site next week and find it has disappeared you'll know that I was wrong and I am currently sitting on the naughty step. 

Season 4 is on the way!

As far as I am aware, the new season has not been given a green light. It would be more accurate to say, there has been no official announcement of Season 4 being given a green light. Usually the announcement comes an hour or so after Tara Spencer-Nairn as already Tweeted about it and then within a week and change we know the air date for the first episode. The reason that things move a long at a clip like that is because work on the show has been taking place almost from the moment the gang down tools on the previous season - all sneaky like. 

The same goes for Season 4. I am sure I have mentioned before, some time ago, that development on the Season was taking place just in case they got the go flag from the network so the team could remain ahead of the game. Well, if you follow Brent and the others on social media you can easily come to the conclusion that things have progressed quite a way since then. Voice records have taken place and are still on going. So, with this in mind, I think we can safely say Season 4 will be with us soon. How soon is yet to be revealed but if I were a betting man I would say we will see some new Dog River adventures sooner rather than later, maybe in the old April/May slot that Seasons 1 and 2 filled. 

I just read that last paragraph back. My subconscious obviously went into self preservation mode. It's much more vague than I intended. Probably a good thing. 


A few weeks back Craig Northey's other, other, other band, Strippers Union has released a new album!


The Undertaking is available now from the link above (click the pic). It is a mammoth, 18 track, double album. Craig and his band mate Rob Baker of Tragically Hip have created something very special. Musically, lyrically and artistically this third album from the super-group is something very special. There will be a proper full review coming very soon here at the site. 

Half of the tracks are also available on your favourite streaming services but, for now, the only way to get hold of the complete recording is on limited edition, white vinyl. If you order from the link above you will also receive a signed certificate. 

Treat your ears to something special. 


On the special video edition of The Jackass-Cast (available here) Brent mentioned he had written a novel. Well here is a picture of him holding the manuscript celebrating the achievement. 

No details are known as to the plot other than I do know there is a character of Irish decent. Brent has mentioned that to ensure he got the correct feel to the character and didn't use incorrect terminology or colloquialisms he sent a copy of the book to his friend, Irish comedy legend Ed Byrne.

I am, as I am sure you all are now, looking forward to the book getting published. As soon as I hear of any developments I'll bring them to you right here. Well, not right here - on another post - don't keep re-reading this page or anything. Well you can if you like, I could do with the viewing numbers on my stats. 

Brent is also working on a new screenplay. Again, in our last chat he told me that it wasn't coming along quite so well as the book. I ribbed him by boasting I finished mine. In my head it was just a little jovial aside that might promote discussion of the difficulties of coming up with a workable piece of fiction. You know when you say something and immediately wish you hadn't? That was one of those times. 


Always working Dr. Brent has created a brand new vaccine for the dreaded Covid -19. I thought this was very funny and made me shoot Coffee out of my nose. 


Also on the Tweet machine Gabrielle shared a bit too much info. I am thinking of sending her a care package to help her get over the trauma of such a horrific event. 

Do any of the rest of you keep your shoes on the bannisters by the way?


Fan Corner got the drop on a very strange, but intriguing, new movie Flora and Ulysses over a year ago. The movie is the story of a young girl and her squirrel friend who happens to have super powers! Well the film, based on a book of the same name, is finally here for you watch if you subscribe to Disney+

Nancy Robinson features as Tootie who is a character who interacts with other characters and in someway helps move along the narrative of the story. No I haven't seen it yet. 

Maybe the trailer will help us all figure out what is going on, 


A new company appeared in my suggested pages to follow on Instagram the other day. I would normally ignore such suggestions as they usually include people trying to sell me bit coins and scantily clad ladies who are probably not actually scantily clad...or ladies. 

~The company is called Sketchy Jersey Co. The reason I followed them is because Fred is also a fan of their work as is that old reprobate Kirk LeMur. They specialize in printing awesome designs on Hockey Jerseys. I have a feeling young Mr. Ewanuick may have himself a new hobby, check out the page description, classic Fred! Check 'em out at the link below and follow yourself for some sports based fashion treats! Click the pic!


Odds guitar legend, Jackass-Cast guest and all round good egg Murray Atkinson is on a roll. Not only have his two episodes of The Jackass-Cast become the most listened to episodes in the history of the show but he is now up for a distinguished award. I'm not sure which is more important but I know Murray must be chuffed to ribbons on both counts...probably. 

The track #Grinding from his amazing new album Mubla Tubed has reached the semi finals of the International Songwriting Competition. I wish Murray all the best of luck in the up coming final, I am sure we will all have our fingers crossed for a well deserved win!

Haven't heard the tune? Get your party pants on and your rock boots laced. Put the speakers in the window and wake up your grandma! It's time to ROCK!


Finally this month I give you an opportunity to get in trouble with your loved ones and bank manager all in one set of funky pictures. 

Those good folks at , the official, or as I prefer to call it "the other", Corner Gas website have released a whole bunch of new gear for you to have the opportunity to squander this months grocery money on. 

New sweatshirts, t-shirts and mugs featuring Corner Gas Animated versions of your favourite Dog River Denizens. 

In the social media that went out for the goodies also mention that they feature the characters best known phrases. Being honest I would argue that statement. That said the new shirts and mugs are all sorts of cool.

My Facebook pages lit up with the age old question as soon as I mentioned the release of new coffee mugs. Is there a Corner G and the Rub mug now available? Alas no and whilst we are on the subject, no further word on the release of a replica Brent Work-shirt. Let's hope the powers that be will bring them out eventually. 

See, if I was doing a set of mugs I would have one with Oscar saying "Jackass" and one with Brent saying "Hammerhead" with images that linked if you place both mugs together. It would look like they were having an argument on your kitchen table (and the guys get double the sales - you're welcome!) Oooh! You could have Davis on one saying "I'm Car One!" and another of Karen also saying "I'm Car One!" - link them together and on the reverse of the mug ...cop car behind the surveillance bush! OOOOH or one of those heat reveal dealies and the picture IS the surveillance bush and when the hot drink is added to the cup it reveals a cop car!!!  #mindblown #marketinggenius

Thanks for reading! Leave your messages below. Come back soon for more Corner Gas fun and frolics!

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