Friday 8 February 2019

Not A Lot Goin' On - Breaking News Special Report

I think I may have psychic powers. If any secret governmental bodies would like to sign me up to an elite group of superheroes made of disparate, rag tag, mismatched supers who write blogs about popular regional comedy television series, please get in touch via the addresses on my contact page. We could be called The Nichemen!  I must get a costume sorted, which is the hardest part of being a superhero. Finding that much Spandex at a wholesale price isn't easy you know. Then you have the tricky decisions, like undies on the inside or undies on the outside. It's a sartorial nightmare I tell you!

Anyway, the reason I discovered these powers was when I inadvertently blasted the newspaper boy with a psychic bolt from my eyeballs when he asked for a tip. All that was left was a singed copy of The Times and a pair of high tops with smoke coming out of them. Not really - I jest. I don't really get The Times. I am currently writing the next post for Corner Gas Fan Corner, it is set during an Oscars style award ceremony. Then yesterday big news was announced Corner Gas Animated has been nominated for two Canadian Screen Awards!

Coincidence. I think not. Obviously my super psychic powers willed me to write a series silly jokes to frame my chosen subject this week in just such a way to advise me that the impending nominations were..impending. So with this in mind I immediately jumped onto my Blog-o-Scope Internet Viewer 2000. All us super folk have gadgets and gizmos about the house to help us in our everyday super lives like grappling hooks, smoke pellets and things to get stones out of horses hooves.

The Blog-o-Scope. A highly technical work of futuristic technology, made of millions of chips, hard rams, mega-tools and jiga-roms all working together at lightning speed, processing a zillion bytes of information in a nano second. After twenty minutes of trying to find and extension cord to plug it into and waiting an hour for Windows 10 to finish an update, we were off and my Twitter feed started Twitterising.

Turns out I could have just looked at my phone to see the announcement that Corner Gas Animated is nominated for Best Animated Program or Series and Brent Butt has been nommed as best writer for the episode "Squatch Your Language".

The Canadian Screen Awards are awards given annually by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television recognizing excellence in Canadian film, English-language television, and digital media productions. The awards were first presented in 2013 as the result of a merger of the Gemini Awards and Genie Awards—the Academy's previous awards presentations for television (English-language) and film productions. They are widely considered to be the most prestigious award for Canadian entertainers, artists, and filmmakers, often referred to as the equivalent of the Oscars and Emmy Awards in the United States, the BAFTA Awards in the United Kingdom, the AACTA Awards in Australia, and the IFTA Awards in Ireland.

I would like to proffer my congratulations to Brent and the whole team for this fantastic news. When you follow the production of a series such as this as closely as I have done over the last year or so it makes you realize two things in particular. Firstly, it's hard work, the logistics alone of getting everything put together is a mind boggling one. Secondly to produce thirteen episodes of a series that has to deliver on the promise of the original series, be original and innovative as well as pant wettingly funny takes an immense amount of talent. Corner Gas Animated has this in spades from the main cast to the animators, directors to the members of the writers room, every single person involved is at the top of their game. These nominations are obvious recognition of this. Very well deserved. geek-a-sense is tingling! I am having another premonition. Corner Gas for the win!!! Go Team! It's a done deal folks. Watch this space more news on the day of the ceremony. Why not leave your thoughts on this news on the comments section of this page.

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