Sunday, 13 October 2019

The Jackass-Cast - Episode 8 - A Lovely Chat with Fred Ewanuick

Here is another astounding episode of The Jackass-Cast for you folks!! This time I talk to the always funny, always charming Fred Ewanuick aka Hank Yarbo.

We have a right giggle discussing everything from Cats, to Dan for Mayor, Corner Gas Animated Season 3 to Hockey!

Speaking of Hockey, we also have a special guest appearance from the one and only Kirk Lemur!

As always the show is available on Spotify and whole bunch of other platforms or you can click on the picture below for a direct downloadable link!



  1. Great podcast, it was like listening to 2 old friends having a chat, great flow to the conversation! Loved it!

    1. Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it, hopefully we will hear more from Kirk next time!

  2. Can you get this loaded to Breaker soon? That seems to be the only podcast site you use that doesn't get blocked for me at work. And thanks for your amazing dedication to all things Corner Gas.

  3. Hi Doug

    I host the podcast with Anchor, they tell me that they have uploaded all episodes to Breaker so you should be good to go. If it doesn't work let me know and I will tell the Anchor people off for telling fibs, I will also report them to Santa.
    Thank you for the support, so glad you are enjoying the site - please spread the word about me to everyone you know!

    1. I still couldn't see it on Breaker but it looks like I can get it straight from Anchor. Thanks!

    2. Thanks for letting me know Doug, glad you get to listen. I have told Santa and he has cancelled Anchor's order for two dozen Chewbots!